Jeni’s Banana French Toast Pints are a delicious ice cream for breakfast option

Ready to celebrate Ice Cream for Breakfast Day? Jeni's adds new Banana French Toast Pints to its breakfast inspired ice cream collection.
Jeni's Banana French Toast ice cream
Jeni's Banana French Toast ice cream / Jeni's

If a frozen, sugary coffee is acceptable for breakfast, ice cream for breakfast should be equally as permissible. Jeni’s is celebrating Ice Cream for Breakfast Day with a new flavor, Jeni’s Banana French Toast Pints. Ready to grab that spoon?  

Over the past couple of years, Jeni’s ice cream has made Ice Cream for Breakfast Day a big deal. From in store celebrations to attempting World Records, the celebrated ice cream brand wants to put a little extra fun into enjoying that sweet, frozen treat.  

This year, the food company adds a new, limited time offering flavor, Banana French Toast. Starting with a banana custard, Butternut Mountain maple syrup swirls into the base. With cinnamon-brown sugar French toast gravel adding texture and spicy sweetness, each spoonful might be even more enjoyable than the warm, forkful that mom used to make.  

The latest breakfast inspired flavor joins previously offered varieties, like Maple Soaked Pancakes, Skillet Cinnamon Roll, and Coffee with Cream and Sugar. The Ice Cream for Breakfast Day collection is back and includes the new Banana French Toast.  

Jeni's Ice Cream for Breakfast collection 2024
Jeni's Ice Cream for Breakfast collection 2024 / Jeni's

For anyone who wants to make the ultimate breakfast sundae, there may be a way to combine all the flavors into an over the top sundae. It might take some strategic placement, but it might be the breakfast smorgasbord of people’s sweet dreams.  

While these ice cream offerings are available for delivery across the nation, a new special treat is available at Jeni’s stores. On National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, the scoop shops will offer French Toast Waffle Cones. Available only on February 3 from 9 a.m. till noon, the cones are the perfect pairing with the breakfast inspired ice creams.  

Thinking about the French Toast Waffle Cones, it would be delicious with the Brambleberry Crisp or the Coffee with Cream and Sugar. This cone idea might spark a new twist on the traditional offerings. Maybe it is time to “waffle” some French Toast and mold it into a serving dish.  

While many people will head to a Jeni’s shop on February 3 for all the breakfast inspired treats, the Ice Cream for Breakfast Collection can be purchased online for shipment. Available on January 29, the collection retails for $58.  

Breakfast food does not have to be limited into a particular bowl. Ready to scoop up some sweetness on National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day and beyond?