Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers launch new crushable flavors for summer

Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers
Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers / Jim Beam

For some people, sitting on the back porch sipping on a sweet, refreshing beverage is the perfect way to pass the time. With the new Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers flavors, many people will be crushing these canned cocktails all summer long.

Considered the “world’s number one bourbon,” Jim Beam is always looking for ways to solidify its position in the liquor world. From innovative flavors to expanding into a dessert forward offering within its beverage line, Jim Beam is never one to wait and allow food and beverage trends to just pass them over.

As the ready to drink cocktail market continues to expand, Jim Beam has expanded its Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers line. Although this line is a canned malt beverage, it captures the vibe and taste that people expect from the liquor brand.

Speaking to the beverage line expansion, Jim Beam Global Brand Vice President Veronique Mura said, “Jim Beam is an iconic brand that at its core is about the power of human connection, going back to the front porch of the Beam family home where everyone was welcome. We know firsthand how a carefully crafted beverage can complement life’s most cherished moments and that is captured in every can of Kentucky Coolers cracked open with the ones we love. We are proud to continue to innovate this iconic brand and introduce more unique flavors for people to connect over and share.” 

What are the new flavors in the Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers line?

Joining the popular lemonade varieties are the new options of Orange Crush, Peach Crush, Blueberry Lemonade, and Strawberry Lemonade. Lemonade continues to be a warm weather favorite. Whether it is a sip of nostalgia or an easy drinking, sessionable option, people appreciate the sweet, tart taste of an adult lemonade.

Adding the Blueberry and Strawberry options to the sweet tea and black cherry is a smart move. Whether the liquor brand is looking to capture the seltzer drinker who appreciates sweeter notes or is hoping to find versatility in food pairings, the blueberry and strawberry flavors are classics. From a backyard barbecue to the day at the beach, these juicy, sweet options keep people reaching for another can.

Jim Beam canned cocktails
Jim Beam canned cocktails / Jim Beam

The Crush line offers more flavor innovation. While there can be a fun play of words on the “crushable” moment with these beverages, the crush flavors are unlike other adult beverages on the shelf.

The Orange Crush is bright, zesty, and refreshing. While there is a nod to the bourbon flavor, it is the citrus that is front and center. It might not be exactly the same as squeezing an orange in the glass, it is vibrant. With a touch of sweetness, it captures that carefree moment when sipping takes priority over any pending to-do list.

The Peach Crush feels like a downhome moment that could have people wishing for that rocking chair on the back porch. Capturing a real peach flavor is never easy. While people crave that juiciness, there is a touch of tartness which makes a fresh peach so enjoyable.

Peach and bourbon are a lovely combination in a dessert and it makes sense to bring it to the beverage space. Given that it can be difficult to master that food and beverage pairing at home, Jim Beam captures an overlooked segment.

Consider pairing this Peach Crush canned cocktail with a fresh mint or basil leaf to add to the overall drinking experience. It might not be the beverage served during the first weekend in May, but it is a Southern inspired option that people will want to try.

The Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers have a 5% ABV and have 120 per serving. A 15-variety pack can be found at various retailers. The suggested retail price is $15.99.