Jimmy Fallon and Taco Bell wrap up the most flavorful holiday gift

Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon / Dimitrios Kambouris/GettyImages

While some people might be rocking under the Christmas tree and others might be avoiding hearing a single note signaling the last Christmas, the reality is that a catchy holiday tune has everyone feeling merry and bright. For Jimmy Fallon and Taco Bell, this flavorful holiday gift has people ready to place their food order.  

The holiday season is full of the hustle and bustle. Even though express shopping services can put the forgotten milk, wrapping paper, and even last minute gift on the doorstep, many people want everything to be easy, seamless, and the perfect ending, just like every Hallmark movie.

As seen in a recent social media share, Jimmy Fallon and Taco Bell are ready to start a new holiday tradition that could have more people digging in faster than that plate of elf pasta. The Jimmy Fallon Wrap Me Up Crunchwrap Supreme is available for just a few days. With a nod to the jolly man himself, the special offering whisks through quickly and leaves people satisfied with the flavorful holiday gift.  

Check out the Jimmy Fallon and Taco Bell collaboration.  


The response to Jimmy hitting the drive through, placing the order, and enjoying that classic deliciousness had everyone craving their own order. The response was swift with numerous likes and comments. Even if the Chalupa is the preferred order, some people might be willing to switch just for the fun of being able to order the Jimmy Fallon Wrap Me Up Crunchwrap Supreme.  

Whether or not this idea is a new holiday tradition, a one-time deal, or something that could grow into a bigger collaboration remains to be seen. No matter the scenario, one idea makes this video resonate; it is relatable.  

Many people love the photos of “stars like us.” Others seek out the style, product, or other must purchase item to have a connection to their favorite pop culture icon.  

This Jimmy Fallon and Taco Bell moment brings people together. People can “wrap up” that drive-thru order and hum a few bars “Wrap Me Up” after shopping, on the way home from the airport picking up kids, or just to satisfy a late-night craving. No matter the scenario, the idea has been put in their head and it must be satisfied.  

Whether or not the Jimmy Fallon Wrap Me Up Crunch Wrap becomes as synonymous with the holidays as figgy pudding remains to be seen. But, this food and song collaboration might be the new ear worm that makes everyone merry and bright this holiday season.