This juicy, bright hoptail will be summer’s must have beverage

Juice Dust Spritz
Juice Dust Spritz / Cristine Struble

With warm weather around the corner, bright, refreshing beverages help to quench a thirst. This hoptail, Juice Dust Spritz, using Elysian Brewing’s Juice Dust, will be the hit of the summer.

Beer and summer often go hand in hand. Whether it is an easy drinking, sessionable lake beer or a light, citrus shandy, both options are cans that people can crush on a leisurely afternoon. In contrast, IPA drinker can find a hoppy, complex brew that allows them to slowly sip the day away. Although the IPA fan might have just one beverage compared to a couple of the lighter beers, it is the zesty, fruit forward options that usually find their way into the summer drinking rotation.

While beer drinkers often have a cooler full of options, some people prefer a cocktail. Like summer beer preferences, summer cocktails tend to be fruity, lighter, or even a touch tart. Instead of the hearty, heavy flavors that feel like cozy, comfort on a chilly night, summer cocktails are vibrant, refreshing, and effervescent.

A popular warm weather choice, the Aperol Spritz has taken over the cocktail conversation. From that pungent, herbal citrus note to the slightly bubbly mouth feel, the cocktail feels lively. Plus, it is often a great opener for a dinner or works on its own.

Borrowing from the Aperol Spritz concept, Elysian Brewing created a hoptail for the summer, Juice Dust Spritz. This hoptail recipe is simple, yet is bursting with bold flavor. Here’s how to make it.

Juice Dust Spritz Hoptail
Juice Dust Spritz / Cristine Struble

Juice Dust Spritz


1 oz ginger liqueur

1 oz Aperol

Juice Dust

Orange Wedge


Fill large glass with ice, add ginger liqueur and Aperol.

Top with Juice Dust

This beer cocktail is extremely well balanced. While the ginger liqueur adds a spicy note, it is the contrast of the herbal Aperol with the citrus and slight sweetness in the Juice Dust. It hits acidic, sweet, and spicy.

Overall, it falls into the realm of a heartier mimosa. For some people who might view that cocktail as too juice forward or that it lacks depth, this beverage choice would be delightful. Also, this Elysian Brewing idea would be perfect for a summer brunch. From a chicken and waffles to a classic Eggs Benedict, the versatility that this drink offers is great.

Lastly, the Juice Dust Spritz works with all those favorite summer food options. From burgers to a fish fry, it can pair with almost anything. Even some shrimp tacos would be a tasty food and beverage combination.

For anyone who would like to pour this idea into a glass and give it a sip, Elysian Brewing’s Juice Dust is available in stores now. The Juicy IPA is a 8.2% ABV and is considered a medium body IPA. Check with retailers for availability.

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