Katie Ledecky looks to Core Power to fuel her Olympic journey

Katie Ledecky for Core Power
Katie Ledecky for Core Power / Core Power

While she might be one of the most decorated swimmers in the sport’s history, Katie Ledecky is not hanging on the lane line waiting for the next competitor to make bigger waves. In partnership with Core Power, she is ready to achieve the next round of athletic achievement.

Even though swimming might not necessarily be the sport that fills the television screen every weekend, the Olympic year often puts the sport in the spotlight. Although viewers might not fully appreciate the exact number of strokes from flag to flag or the importance entry angle on a pull, the reality is everyone wants to see Team USA standing on top of the podium.

Years ago, many people might recall the reports of swimmers’ tremendous amount of food and calories consumed during the Olympics. Given that swimming is a total body sport, these athletes need the proper fuel to perform at their best levels.

As a distance freestyle swimmer, Ledecky appreciates that good food choices and high protein options can help her sustain her training regime. Her partnership with Core Power is an example of her well-planned choices.

According to Core Power, Ledecky uses its protein rich beverages as part of her post-workout recovery. A part of her training regimen for many years, she appreciates the balance, convenience, and flavor that the beverages offer.

Heading into and through the Olympic season, Ledecky will be featured in new commercials for the brand. While one of her workouts might be more strenuous than a week’s worth of a non-athlete’s endeavors, the message of the campaign applies to everyone. Using nutrition to replenish, rebuild, and recovery is vital to feeling good and achieving goals.

From the person who is just starting their fitness journey to the aspiring athlete who dreams of a medal around their neck and their country’s flag flying high, smart nutritional choices are just as important as the training hours. Ready to let Core Power assist in conquering those goals?