Kerwin Frost hopes his McDonald’s McNuggets Buddies inspire joy, interview

Kerwin Frost and McDonald's McNuggets Buddies collaboration
Kerwin Frost and McDonald's McNuggets Buddies collaboration / McDonald's

Food, fashion, and community often spark joy in people’s lives. When a taste of childhood joins those moments, the smile grows, and that taste is even more satisfying. Designer and pop culture icon Kerwin Frost, through his McDonald’s McNuggets Buddies collaboration, hopes that this reimagination of classic characters will spark some creativity for all.  

While many people know McDonald’s, the iconic Happy Meal, and the various menu items, some of the brand’s cast of characters fade into the background. Even though Grimace might have brought his convivial spirit to the summer, another group is ending 2023 with a celebration of individuality.  

The McDonald’s McNuggets Buddies have unique personalities. In a world where individual should be praised, it is the perfect time for the classic characters to return, but with a revitalized approach. Kerwin Frost was just the person to accept this challenge.  

While the fashion world has touted his personal style, Frost’s fashion has been described as innovative, outlandish, or even eccentric. Although his looks might not necessarily be seen walking the streets of mid-America, they make people think, which is vital to any fashion moment. An image that is discarded without any thought does not move fashion forward.  

McDonald's Happy Meal Kerwin Frost
Kerwin Frost discusses his Happy Meal / McDonald's

During a recent conversation with Kerwin Frost, he shared some insight on this McDonald’s collaboration. Specifically, when asked if he had any parameters for his approach, he commented, “Honestly, not really! For this collab, McDonald’s instilled a lot of trust in me and my creative process, allowing me to redesign this classic menu experience and introduce Frost Way to fans across the world. I was also able to lean into my fashion background to create exclusive merch that plays off my personal style and my reimagined McNugget Buddies, which was fun.” 

As seen in the McDonald’s McNuggets Buddies, the look and feel brings Frost’s aesthetic front and center. Many people appreciate that Frost infuses his Harlem roots into his work. 

Frost shared,  “My upbringing in Harlem sparked my journey as an artist and still plays such a huge part in my creative work – from my friends and family to the places I frequently visited. One of these places that influenced my work was McDonald’s. I’ve loved McDonald’s since I was a kid, and a friend of mine had a collection of McNugget Buddies...I remember being really taken aback by their unique personalities and how fun they were to play with because of it.  I hope through the Kerwin Frost Box, I can inspire this same sense of joy while also encouraging fans to express themselves in ways that are most authentic to them. The Box and McNugget Buddies I designed are meant to spark childlike excitement that people remember experiencing when opening a McDonald’s Happy Meal.” 

While he hopes that this McDonald’s McNuggets Buddies offering sparks joy, people appreciate that the various characters can have a personal connection. In some ways, it encourages self-expressions.  

When asked which Buddy is his favorite, Frost said, “I love each and every Buddy equally! But the Kerwin Frost McNugget Buddy is of course special to me because it’s modeled after my own aesthetic and aims to inspire all the Buddies of Frost Way to be their most authentic selves.” 

This special offering is another chapter in the never-ending food and fashion story.  It is more than looks that strut the runway or a favorite t-shirt worn every week. People want to not only showcase their individuality but also to make a connection with others.  

When asked about his influence on narrative as well as his own design philosophy, Frost commented, “Working with McDonald’s to create the Kerwin Frost Box has truly been a dream collaboration for me. As a creator, my design philosophy is to create pieces that inspire people to express themselves authentically in their everyday lives – which is perfect for my partnership with McDonald’s.”   

“I loved applying this overall philosophy to create the looks of each McNugget Buddy collectible as well as the Box packaging and commercial. I really want people to see themselves in these Buddies, and that’s why they’re all so different and hit on different aspects of self-expression.” 

As many people add this special Happy Meal and McNugget Buddies to their collection, Frost believes, “The Kerwin Frost Box is designed to inspire fans to express themselves in a way that’s authentic to them. Each box comes with one McNugget Buddy collectible, each designed with their own unique look, personality and interests – plus, mix-and-match outfits allowing fans to get creative with their combinations. For example, you can put Kerwin's Fry Guy shoes on Don Bernice, or have BRRRICK try on Darla's earmuffs. I hope people will be inspired to unleash their creativity and make them their own – because there’s a little McNugget in everyone!”  

How people mix, match, coordinate, or accessorize their McNugget Buddies remains to be seen. Still, the biggest takeaway from this whole experience is clear. Life is full of joyful moments as long as everyone is willing to allow themselves to express it.