Start the day with Kevin Costner’s Cafe Mocha

Kevin Costner for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Kevin Costner for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters / Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Many people have a favorite coffee. For the person who prefers bold and a little sweet, Kevin Costner’s Cafe Mocha is that beverage and the recipe is easy to master.

While he might be an entertainment industry icon, Kevin Costner is just like many people. A great cup of coffee is a great way to start the day. In collaboration with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, he created a specialty coffee, Horizon Blend by Kevin Costner. It is the flavorful foundation for his coffee preference, a Cafe Mocha.  

The coffee shelf is full of all types of offerings. From big, dark bold flavors to light roasts, the options ensure that any preference is covered.  

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is more than just the brand that comes in the box with the new Keurig. While those classic offerings always deliver rich, robust coffee flavor, the variety from the coffee company is tremendous. From Half-Caff to Dark Magic, there is a brew for any mood or occasion.  

With the Horizon Blend by Kevin Costner, the flavor has a hint of smokiness that that pairs well with the boldness of the blend. Although it might not necessarily be the coffee made by the campfire, it has a versatility that works on its own and when paired with other flavors.  

In particular, it works quite well with Costner’s preferred coffee, a Cafe Mocha. Here’s his recipe.  

Kevin Costner’s Café Mocha 


·       1 Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® Horizon Blend by Kevin Costner K-Cup® pod 

·       4 Tbsp. Chocolate sauce 

·       ¾ cup Preferred milk or dairy substitute 


·       Fill the frother with milk up to the max line and select desired hot froth setting. 

·       Pour the chocolate sauce into your mug and place under the coffee maker. 

·       Brew the pod on the smallest size setting. 

·       Stir to combine the chocolate sauce and coffee. 

·       Pour desired amount of frothed milk into the coffee, reserving a little froth to spoon over the top. 

Since the Horizon Blend by Kevin Costner is the first offering in the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters collaboration, it will be interesting to see the next offerings. There could be more rugged, robust inspired flavors in the horizon. Or, the brand could ride off into a totally different direction. Only time will tell.  

For now, enjoy Kevin Costner’s Cafe Mocha recipe and think about what adventure the day might bring.