Keurig adds new brewers and five new delicious Iced K-Cup pod flavors

K-Iced Brewer adds new optionsn and five new Iced K-Cup pod flavors, photo provided by Keurig
K-Iced Brewer adds new optionsn and five new Iced K-Cup pod flavors, photo provided by Keurig /

For many people coffee is their all-day beverage. From the first morning brew which brings the motivation for the day to a mid-afternoon iced option, coffee is the drink that seems to be around. To turn that kitchen into the versatile at-home coffee shop, Keurig has unveiled new brewers and five new Iced K-Cup pod flavors.

According to Dr Pepper Keurig, Gen-Z is thirsty for iced coffee. Specifically, it shared that 73% of consumers between 18-24 are drinking iced coffee weekly. As consumers look to balance food costs and overall spending costs, making coffee at home has become a preferred choice. Having the variety to go from hot to iced in a single kitchen essential will make consumers purchase a new product.

Becky Opdyke, Senior Vice President, Coffee Marketing at Keurig Dr Pepper said, “With the new K-Iced line, consumers not only get that full flavored hot coffee they expect from Keurig, but also a refreshing iced coffee at the touch of a button – all in one coffee maker. We know a staggering 80% of iced coffee drinks are consumed at home which makes the new ICED system the perfect addition.”

Available in three options, the Keurig K-Iced coffee makers can go from hot to brew over ice options in a push. More importantly, the technology ensures that the over ice option has the full coffee flavor.

More information on the Keurig K-Ice coffee makers can be found online. One option is available at various retailers, one is a Target exclusive, and another is a Walmart exclusive.

Keurig Iced Brewer with Iced K-Cup pod flavors
K-Iced Brewer adds new options and five new Iced K-Cup pod flavors, photo provided by Keurig /

If a new coffee maker is not in the budget, but that coffee beverage deserves an upgrade, there are five new K-Cups pods available for purchase they are: The Original Donut Shop ICED Duos Cookies + Caramel, McCafé At Home ICED One Step Mocha Frappe, McCafé At Home ICED One Step Hazelnut Latte, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Iced Vanilla Caramel and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters ICED Hazelnut Cream.

Looking at these coffee options, it is clear that the come straight from the coffee shop. From the sweet flavors to the dessert aisle, it is another example of coffee variety that can be enjoyed at home. Plus, it is much more cost effective to enjoy these coffees versus the costly options from the drive-thru.

Also, it is interesting that the McCafe coffees are featured in this promotion. While many people look to coffee specific restaurants to bring the product innovation, McCafe has been a favorite with coffee drinkers. While brewing this beverage at home might not come with a McMuffin, it does bring a taste of the Golden Arches to the home kitchen. It goes to show that coffee is part of the quick service restaurant conversation both in and out of the drive-thru.

The new Iced K-Cup pod flavors can be found on the Keurig website. More information on the brand and all its offerings can be found there as well.