Here’s how to order the Hash Brown McMuffin and other McDonald’s menu hacks

New McDonald's Menu Hacks, photo provided by McDonald's
New McDonald's Menu Hacks, photo provided by McDonald's /

While there is always room for those World Famous Fries and even that classic Big Mac, McDonald’s menu hacks are not just part of a secret menu. From the Hash Brown McMuffin to even a Surf and Turf, it seems that there is plenty of culinary creativity under those Golden Arches.

Many food fans have perfected their favorite order. From just the right amount of pickles to adding an ingredient to make the perfect bite, there are many ways to customize that order. Plus, with the app and mobile ordering, the customizations have increased, as has people’s creativity.

While many people, including celebrities, have their special menu items, it is more than just the individual. In some ways, that iconic menu and people’s creativity proves that all those classic food items are a taste of “our menu.”

With the new McDonald’s menu hacks promotion, the iconic quick service restaurant is celebrating the menu hack masters and everyone’s go-to McDonald’s order. As Jennifer Healan, Vice President, U.S. Marketing, Brand Content and Engagement for McDonald’s USA commented, these menu hacks celebrate the some menu hack masters but they can also inspire others to share their epic creations. Healan added, “We’re excited to celebrate them bigger way than ever before by putting their delicious hacks – as seen in social media – on our menus. I personally can’t wait for our fans to try my favorite hack, the Hash Brown McMuffin. IYKYK.”

How does the Hash Brown McMuffin measure up to the other McDonald’s menu hacks?

Several menu hacks are highlighted in this promotion. In addition to the Hash Brown McMuffin, there is The Crunchy Double, The Land, Air & Sea and the Surf and Turf.

Now the breakfast hack might be the most popular. It is basically putting the hash brown inside the Egg McMuffin. While it seems unlikely that McDonald’s will make it a permanent menu item, it is an easy choice when ordering a value meal.

A couple McDonald’s menu hacks feature Filet-O-Fish, and some people might not want to take that dip in the sea. Still, it could be a break from boredom.

The Crunchy Double could be a next level menu hack. For people who cannot decide on McNuggets or a Cheeseburger, this idea is the perfect compromise.

Even though all these food ideas are tasty, it sparks another question. Who can out do them? Why not share your ultimate menu hack and see what everyone else thinks. Will it high a high note or will it sink to the bottom of the sea?