MyMcDonald’s Rewards: Racking up points toward free food

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Could an order of the iconic McDonald’s fries or a Big Mac be tastier? With the MyMcDonald’s Rewards, those iconic McDonald’s menu items will taste even better, because they could be free. In a recent company announcement, the brand shared how ordering those favorite McDonald’s menu items will earn guests points toward free food rewards. Ready to place a food order, now?

Over the past year, restaurant reward programs have become part of the brand standard, similar to the addition of the chicken sandwich at quick service restaurants. While each reward program varies, the basic premise is to show that guests and their purchases have value to a brand. From first taste offerings to free food, those reward programs build brand loyalty.

When people are spending their hard earned money, they want to know that the purchase has value. Beyond the daily deals and savings that can be offered through restaurant ordering apps, consumers want to feel that their purchase matters. When faced with many options, the brand who shows that a purchase can bring a reward for that money spent will influence the choice.

How is MyMcDonald’s Rewards different from other restaurants?

According to the brand, MyMcDonald’s Rewards is a “nationwide loyalty program.” Available via the McDonald’s app, the program will be available July 8. Guests will earn “100 points for every one dollar spent on qualifying purchases.”

Redeeming points is via a tier system. Redemption values start at 1500 points and go up to 6000 points. Each tier has various menu item options. For example, the 1500 point tier one includes a cheeseburger while the 6000 point tier four includes a Happy Meal.

First time MyMcDonald’s Rewards users will get 1,500 points added to their account with that first purchase. Basically, signing up for the program gives users a free food item.

Using the program shouldn’t be any different than ordering from the McDonald’s app. The process should be seamlessly integrated. It is unclear how in-restaurant purchases not on the app or at a kiosk earn the rewards points, but there should be some type of connection.

Given the competition in the quick service restaurant space, it is a huge statement that McDonald’s is offering the rewards program. Although brand loyalty is high with the iconic brand, this expansion proves that McDonald’s does not want to be left behind. Just like the addition of the McPlant and the re-invented chicken sandwich, McDonald’s might come later to the party, but they will not be denied entry.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see how McDonald’s leverages the rewards program for its users. Often these programs entice guests with bonus points or special user only offers. Only time will tell what other perks are available for users.

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What do you think of the MyMcDonald’s Rewards? More importantly, which free food item would you want to enjoy?