McPlant: McDonald’s plant-based food will be more than a just burger

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(Photo by Yuriko Nakao/Getty Images) /

McDonald’s just announced McPlant and joins the plant-based food trend.

While it might not be first, McPlant might put McDonald’s ahead of the plant-based food trend. In a recent call, the iconic Golden Arches announced that a plant-based food option will be coming to the McDonald’s menu. While all the exact details have not been revealed, this menu addition is a big step forward both for the brand and the plant-based food movement.

What started with just a few options has now become a fully formed food market segment. The majority of quick service restaurants have at least one plant-based food option. Additionally, grocery store shelves are filled with a variety of plant-based food brands.

Whether people choose to eat solely plant-based food or prefer a flexitarian style of eating, this food segment continues to grow. If restaurants and brands do not adopt at least one menu item in this plant-based food category, they potentially lose a large market segment.

Although McDonald’s might be late to the game, no one should bet against the McPlant. In true McDonald’s fashion, they are forging their own path in the plant-based food industry. As seen when they launched the all-day breakfast menu, the plan for roll-out was very well conceived. It took a very long time to build the infrastructure and supplies to make it a successful endeavor.

As seen in the McDonald’s call, the McPlant looks to be more than just another plant-based burger. The idea is that this burger is going to be juicy and satisfying. While all the classic toppings will be included, McDonald’s is betting that its flavor and texture will be a winner with guests.

While it appears that McDonald’s will be rolling out a plant-based burger first, it is open to other plant-based food opportunities. Through the idea of “Accelerating the Arches,” the company looks to find expansion that balances consumer wants with company growth. Adding a plant-based menu item is essential to that plan.

Although an exact launch date and availability is unclear, it is quite possible that 2021 could be the year of the McPlant. After everyone has tried all the other versions, McDonald’s was probably listening and improving their plant-based food option. Maybe coming late to the party could be the best thing for the iconic brand. Its plant-based burger might win over people. After all, it isn’t how you start, it is how you finish.

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What do you think of McPlant? Will be anxiously awaiting to do a taste test?