McDonald’s new McCafe Bakery menu offers all day sweet treats

McDonald's new McCafe bakery menu, photo provided by McDonald's
McDonald's new McCafe bakery menu, photo provided by McDonald's /

McDonald’s new McCafe Bakery menu brings sweet treats any time of the day.

Since sweet cravings don’t come with a clock, the McDonald’s new McCafe Bakery menu is going to be a game changer for McDonald’s. Whether you pair these bakery items with a McCafe beverage or enjoy them as a sweet ending to a Big Mac meal, it seems that the McFlurry isn’t the only dessert to be enjoyed at McDonald’s.

The three all-day McCafe Bakery menu items include an apple fritter, blueberry muffin and a cinnamon roll. The apple fritter is a classic pastry, made with cinnamon and apples and is topped with a glaze. The blueberry muffin has real blueberries and a streusel topping. Served warm, the cinnamon roll is flakey, buttery and smothering in that cream cheese icing that people love.

While McDonald’s has offered various breakast items before, these new menu items are the first addition of baked goods in over eight years. While many people love their morning Egg McMuffin, these sweeter additions give people more options.

Since 1970, McDonald’s has been offering breakfast items on its menu. While it started with the classic Egg McMuffin, the breakfast offerings have evolved from the Big Breakfast to lighter fare to donut sticks to even adding chicken to the breakfast menu.

Adding these bakery items is an interesting choice for McDonald’s. It offers an all-day breakfast item that is easy for restaurants to serve the guests. At the same time, these items aren’t necessarily breakfast specific. People enjoy bakery treats any time of the day.

As seen with the expansion of coffee being an all-day beverage, the new McCafe Bakery menu should be quite popular. From an easy breakfast to that afternoon pick me up, these treats could become top sellers for McDonald’s.

Although it might not be known, it would be curious to see if people start ordering these bakery items as dessert options, not just breakfast or treats on their own. For example, an apple fritter makes a great dessert after those Spicy Chicken McNuggets.

The McDonald’s new McCafe bakery menu will be available starting on October 28.

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