Chips Ahoy McFlurry: Is this the best McFlurry flavor ever?

Chips Ahoy McFlurry. Image Courtesy McDonald's
Chips Ahoy McFlurry. Image Courtesy McDonald's /

McDonald’s Chips Ahoy McFlurry is coming, but is it the best McFlurry flavor ever?

It is a simple question, what is the best McFlurry flavor? With the new McDonald’s Chips Ahoy McFlurry coming to the menu for a limited time, many dessert fans are excited to get a taste. Where does this new menu item rank with the other McFlurry flavors?

While many people are talking about the new McDonald’s Spicy McNuggets, the other piece of new menu news is definitely a sweet treat. The addition of a new McFlurry flavor deserves a second look. After all, sometimes it is a choice to eat dessert first.

The McFlurry is still a relatively new menu item. It isn’t as classic as the Big Mac or even the Happy Meal. With its uniquely shaped spoon, many people have shared all types of stories about this frozen treat. Although it might never have the same following as the Shamrock Shake, many people cannot get enough of that McFlurry.

With the addition of the limited time Chips Ahoy McFlurry, many people will want to try a taste. The idea of chocolate chip cookies mixed into that vanilla flavored frozen treat is enticing. Even though it will be a lot of calories, many people will happily order a large and indulge in every spoonful.

Still, is this new flavor the best McFlurry flavor ever? Over the years, there have been various limited-edition flavors. From the International Menu Stroopwafel to even the Rolo flavor, everyone has a favorite. When these special flavors are available, everyone wants to get a special taste.

Usually, the two common options on the McDonald’s menu are the Oreo McFlurry and the M&Ms McFlurry. Both choices are tasty. The M&Ms version is usually quite sweet with a lot of those chocolate candy pieces.

The Oreo McFlurry is often a top choice. From the crunch of the cookie pieces to the cookies and cream flavor, it is, and always will be, a popular choice.

Thinking about the new Chips Ahoy McFlurry, it seems to be a better choice than the M&Ms version but not quite as tasty as the Oreo flavor. It will depend how the Chips Ahoy pieces are broken and swirled within the frozen treat. As long as there are good sized pieces, not crumbs, this treat will be a popular choice.

Still, it would be nice to bring back that Stroopwafel McFlurry. The combination of caramel waffle pieces mixed into the frozen treat was incredibly tasty.

If you want to get a taste of the Chips Ahoy McFlurry, head to McDonald’s staring on September 16. Remember it is around for a limited time only. Don’t wait too long, or you might miss out a potential best McFlurry flavor.

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What do you think of this new McFlurry flavor? What is your favorite McDonald’s dessert?