Kevin Costner launches a new coffee blend that satisfies your sweet tooth

Kevin Costner with a GMCR Mountainside Mocha Latte
Kevin Costner with a GMCR Mountainside Mocha Latte / Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

While Kevin Costner might have an eye for capturing epic vistas and telling meaningful stories, the Academy Award-winning actor and director has a sweet coffee preference. Continuing his partnership with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, the newest coffee blend, Mountainside Mocha Latte is the satisfying sip that can set the day on the right path.

Inspired by his favorite mocha, the Mountainside Mocha Latte can be freshly brewed directly from the at-home coffee maker. No need to place an order or stand in a long line, the well-crafted latte is the perfect way to start the day.  

As Kevin Costner commented about his latest coffee offering, “I don't always drink my coffee black — I like chocolate in it. So, I wanted to just advance it to something I like because I really like having one in the morning. I said, ‘I want some chocolate in this thing.’ I said, ‘I'm going to decide how much.’”

While the chocolate note is apparent, the flavor is not a heaping spoonful of syrupy sweetness at the bottom of the mug. This mocha uses a dark chocolate which contrasts with the dairy. Dark chocolate can be a touch more bitter but it is still sweet. In a way, it offers a hint of sophistication.

Additionally, the coffee, itself, is rich, slightly robust. Given that there is chocolate and dairy in the pod, the coffee must stand up to the other ingredients. After all, this beverage is coffee, not a hot chocolate.

Similar to other one-step-latte K-Cups, the Mountainside Mocha brings a taste of the coffeehouse to the kitchen. Instead of lining up the gadgets or tackling multiple components, the simplicity, with great flavor, makes the one-step-latte option a favorite with many people.

The new Mountainside Mocha, made in collaboration with Kevin Costner and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is available exclusively online at A box retails for $11.49.