One Step Latte by the Original Donut Shop is simple perfection

One Step Latte from Donut Shop, photo provided by Donut Shop
One Step Latte from Donut Shop, photo provided by Donut Shop /

Having a perfect latte at home is possible. The One Step Latte can turn the Keurig into your favorite coffee house beverage.

Do you fancy yourself a barista? With the One Step Latte K-Cup Pods, your Keurig can create a coffee house latte with just a push of a button. This latte in a K-Cup pod does not require multiple steps or fancy machines. In just one step, a latte can be in your mug.

Sometimes going to a coffee shop isn’t the most convenient option. From the cost to the hassle, enjoying a perfect cup of coffee at home can be wonderful. Whether sitting watching television or slowly sipping a latte while reading, coffee can be part of a daily ritual.

The new One Step Latte K-Cup Pods by the Original Donut Shop create a specialty coffee at the push of a button. Everything is contained in the pod, both the real milk and a dark roast coffee. As the coffee brews, the resulting coffee is a perfect latte in your cup.

The new Original Donut Shop coffee is available in both Vanilla and Mocha, presently. A third flavor, Caramel will be available in June.

While there are many ways to make a latte at home, this new K-cup pod is the most convenient option. Instead of tirelessly whipping coffee or a wide array of creamers lining the refrigerator, this coffee option is all about ease of use.

Original Donut Shop has an iced coffee K-Cup pod. That concentrated coffee makes a coffee and cream beverage that is delightful when served over ice. This new latte option seems like an extension of that iced coffee.

For many people, this new Original Donut Shop K-Cup pod could change their coffee routine. When the flavors are similar, the cost is less and it is more convenient. This new One Step Latte could reduce that expensive coffee shop habit.

Why not give the new Original Donut Shop K-Cup pod a try. A box of 20 count pods retails for around $16 on various websites.

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What is your favorite coffee to brew at home? Are your coffee habits changing?