Keystone Light cracks open a different take on that fishing beer and snack combo

Keystone Light and Fishwife The Smooth Snackle Pack
Keystone Light and Fishwife The Smooth Snackle Pack / Keystone Light

Whether the line is cast off a boat or at the end of the pier, that tackle box usually has a cooler sitting beside it. Keystone Light understands that fishing is more than just a tug on the line. For the days when there are no bites on that hook, the Smooth Snackle Pack saves the day.

Fishing and beer often go hand in hand. While there are some great beers to enjoy while relaxing by the shore, other beverages are preferred when that rod casts out on that glassy surface. Keystone Light is often a popular choice for those days.

Although some people think of fishing as a way to clear the mind, others hope to reel in a meal. Even though the old adage about teaching a man to fish might come to mind, the reality is that not every cast reaps big rewards. The Smooth Snackle Pack is ready to curb that hunger in a pinch.

The Smooth Snackle Pack is a collaboration between Fishwife Tinned Seafood Co and Keystone Light. It features tinned rainbow trout. This version has a hint of hardwood smokiness. When enjoyed with that crisp beer, it is quite enjoyable.

While this special collaboration will appeal to some beer drinkers, the reality is that tinned fish is having a moment. It is far from the fish in a can that mom used to eat. These offerings are about nuanced flavors. It will always be fish forward, but the uses are more than combining it with mayonnaise and serving it between two slices of bread.

The Keystone Light and Fishwife collaboration is meant to be fun. Maybe it could spark some new ways of enjoying the food and beverage combination. Could there be a way to use the beer and trout in a fried fishcake. Enjoying that idea by the fire as the sun sets might be nice. Or, maybe it is just as simple as putting that trout on some crackers and sipping on the beer. There is no wrong way to enjoy this pairing.

The Keystone Light and Fishwife’s Smooth Snackle Pack can be purchased online for $30. It is available while supplies last.

The lake might be a little chilly for trout fishing right now, but another catch is waiting to be caught. Ready to order your Keystone Light and Fishwife’s Smooth Snackle Pack?