Best beach beers to toast all that summer fun

(Photo by Horacio Villalobos#Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)
(Photo by Horacio Villalobos#Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images) /

Sun in the fun is on the agenda when everyone heads to the beach. While there is plenty of sunscreen in the bag and water safety on the mind, refreshing beverages are part of the enjoyment. These best beach beers are waiting to be chilled in the cooler.

While hydration is paramount during a beach day, many people like a libation, too. Given the warm environment, a lighter, easy drinking is often the preferred beverage. After all, everyone wants to enjoy the day, not feel overwhelmed by beer

Best beach beers to enjoy while sitting on the sand


Many people have turned to the classic grapefruit Hefeweizen mix as an easy drinking beer. The bright, refreshing flavor combined with the lower ABV makes for an easy sipper on a warm day.

New for the summer of 2023, the Watermelon Mint flavor is perfection on that beach day. The juiciness of the watermelon is front and center. The brightness from the mint offers a touch of coolness. Whether drunk on its own or paired with food, it is a must try.

And, for those who are looking to elevate that drinking experience. Consider serving the Schofferhofer Watermelon Mint over frozen pieces of watermelon to boost that fruit flavor. Also, add a sprig of fresh mint to be a little extra.

Blue Moon LightSky

While the classic Blue Moon is always enjoyable, the Blue Moon LightSky has a sense of ease. The tangerine flavor is slightly sweet and a touch tart. Although it is available year round, it is quite enjoyable on a warm day. The name might be light sky, but a bright sky is the perfect backdrop to enjoy one.

Heineken Silver

While the classic Heineken has been a favorite, the Heineken Silver is a fresh take on the classic beer. Through the brewing process, the beer finishes with a crispness that makes it an easy drinking option. At a 4% ABV, it doesn’t weigh the drinker down. A hint of fruit and a clean taste, it is a great option to enjoy on that warm, sunny day.

Leinie’s Summer Shandy

The classic combination of a Weiss beer and lemonade has been delighting drinkers for over a decade. From the Northwoods to the South Florida, the Wisconsin beer celebrates easy drinking. It captures those carefree days and long summer nights. Paired with grilled chicken, a brat or even that poke bowl, it is the versatile beer that goes with everything.

Shiner Prickly Pear

While the imagery might suggest a desert, the Shiner Prickly Pear celebrates the native cactus around the Spoetzl Brewery. While the fruity, floral aroma welcomes that first sip, it is the zesty, slightly sweet flavor that brings people back for another bottle. Even paired with that brisket, this summer lager is a must enjoy before fall comes.