KFC Apple Pie Poppers perfectly wrap up a sweet ending to the meal

KFC Apple Pie Poppers
KFC Apple Pie Poppers / KFC

While that Original Recipe chicken might be the star of the table, a Kentucky Fried Chicken meal deserves a sweet ending. With the new KFC Apple Pie Poppers, the classic dessert turns into a poppable, perfect bite that will be a must add to any order.

Certain food pairings are classic. Ending a fried chicken meal with a slice of apple pie might be a favorite for summer holidays or backyard gathers. There is something classic, unpretentious, and just tasty about that meal progression.

While KFC might be one of the most iconic fried chicken brands, the quick service restaurant has one menu area that needed more depth, dessert. Although there are some sweet offerings, the segment needed a little push to entice guests to order a whole meal, including ending on a sweet note.

After the recent announcement of its new KFC Saucy Nuggets, it added a new dessert item, KFC Apple Pie Poppers. While it might not have made as big a splash as the saucy chicken nuggets, the dessert treat deserves its own moment to consider.

The new KFC Apple Pie Poppers are a delightful addition to the menu. Available in a four-piece serving, the bite-sized apple pie desserts not only capture the classic flavor but add a little whimsy to the dessert space.

During a recent taste test in the KFC kitchens, the KFC Apple Pie Poppers offer a lighter, yet sweet option to end a fried chicken meal. While the apple filling has a lovely cinnamon, slightly gooey texture, it is the pastry that makes this bite so enjoyable.

KFC Apple Pie Poppers
KFC Apple Pie Poppers / Cristine Struble

The outside of the pie popper is perfectly flaky and crisp. As that layer gives way to the tender dough surrounding the filling, it feels like that perfect pie edge bite. For anyone who loves a homemade pie but dreads the idea of baking, these little pie bites could become their go-to dessert.

Since these desserts are meant to be poppable, there is no drizzle or stickiness to the top layer. While a little extra sugar would make the flavor sweeter, it is not necessarily. For anyone who really prefers a sweet forward taste, ask for a honey packet and drizzle away.

Also, the classic apple pie flavors works well with the blackberry lemonade beverage that is on the menu. That sweet and tart bite with the classic apple brings a feeling of eating a dessert on the backporch watching the sun fade in the distance. There is not a care in the world while tossing back a pie popper and taking a sip of refreshment.

Adding the Apple Pie Poppers to the menu is a smart choice for KFC. Not only it is a dessert that pairs well with fried chicken, the concept lends itself to potential expansion. Just like anyone who has perfected the perfect pie crust appreciates, that the pie filling can easily be swapped out for any and every occasion.

For now, the KFC Apple Pie Poppers are sold in a four-piece serving for a suggested price of $2.49. Families might want to place a couple of order because no one will want to share.