KFC Twister Wrap returns but only to one lucky location

KFC Twister Wrap is back
KFC Twister Wrap is back / KFC

While Nashville might be a holy city for music, KFC Twister Wrap fans will be running past Broadway to get a taste of their favorite food item. For people who have hungered for the big, hearty food bite, it is back. But, when could all KFC restaurants get a taste?

Quick service restaurants and their loyal customers often have specific orders. Even if the combo meal does not have a number associated with it, many people have a tried and true food order that rarely varies.

While some people cannot drive to a restaurant fast enough to get the first taste of a new food offering, like the KFC Saucy Nuggets, others prefer the status quo. When that food item disappears, the craving can make them quite vocal.

Previously, KFC sold a Twister Wrap. For about a decade, people have wanted those tenders wrapped in a crispy tortilla. Luckily, the Colonel listened and the KFC Twister Wrap is back, but only in Nashville.

For those unfamiliar with the Twister, it is a handheld wrap which features two Original Recipe Tenders, fresh, chopped lettuce, diced tomatoes, and a choice of either pepper mayo sauce or spicy sauce. After carefully closing that tortilla, the Twister gets a quick toast to seal in all the deliciousness.

Many people loved the Twister because it is portable. The ability to have those 11 herbs and spices without having to pick up a fork or sit at a table is important to many QSR guests. No one is able to bring out a full cutlery set after leaving the drive-thru. Order, grab, and eat on the go is important to many guests.

During a recent trip to the KFC Test Kitchen in Louisville, the corporate chefs revealed some of the tricks to why the KFC Twister is so craveable. First, it involves the build. As only who has rolled a tortilla appreciates, it matters how and where the ingredients get placed. From building a wall of sauce to the placement of lettuce and tomato, the process ensures that every bite is a complete one.

KFC Twister
KFC Twister Wrap / Cristine Struble

Additionally, the toasted component adds another layer of texture. That crispy edge satisfies both as a crunch factor and helps to keep everything from getting soggy. Everyone knows that a soggy wrap turns into a mess.

Lastly, the Twister is always served open on one end. Not only does it make for an easy first bite, but it also is an enticing visual. Sometimes it is good to see the food wrapped up in that tortilla.

Whether or not the KFC Twister will hit all restaurant menus in the future remains to be seen. Hopefully, an announcement will come before the Nashville launch becomes a tasty food memory.

The KFC Twister Wrap can be purchased for $5.99. A combo meal is $9.99, which includes a side and medium drink. The offering can only be enjoyed in Nashville. Check with local restaurants for availability.