Kidfresh Easy Combo Meals give families more convenient, flavorful options

New Kidfresh Easy Combo Meals
New Kidfresh Easy Combo Meals / Kidfresh

Putting a convenient, tasty dinner on the table, that kids like and parents want to serve, requires careful balance. Kidfresh Easy Combo Meals take away the guesswork, and everyone is excited to pick up a fork and take a bite.

Whether it is called mealtime madness or dinnertime dilemmas, parents would prefer that sitting around the table is filled with laughter, not struggles. But, life is not always that simple. From having limited time to serve that food to appeasing the flavors that kids crave, navigating the course can feel like an epic quest.

Kidfresh is the brand that tries to eliminate the stress at mealtime. The perfectly-portioned frozen meals not only appeal to kids’ food preferences but also are well-balanced options. Each serving is packed with vegetables. Since those vegetables are hidden into the dish, no one has to worry about the kids pushing the beets aside or dropping the cauliflower on the floor.

The new Kidfresh Easy Combo Meals offer a hearty dinner option. Available in Chicken Meatballs and Pasta Marinara and White Meat Chicken Nuggets and Buttered Pasta, the kid-approved offerings will quickly become a weeknight favorite.

Speaking about the new food options, Caki Halprin, Marketing Director at Kidfresh, "We are thrilled to introduce Easy Combo Meals; the perfect mealtime solution for busy parents with hungry kids. Our one-step meals combine kids' favorite recipes – inclusive of a protein and a side – so parents have a complete, healthy meal on the table in minutes.”

Looking at the two new meal options, they appeal to kids because it is food that they want to eat. It does not have over the top spices or unidentifiable ingredients. While still being quite flavorful, they are approachable, classic dishes.

Additionally, the balance of protein and carbs makes the meal more satisfying. Even though kids might love a plate of buttered noodles, the inclusion of some chicken could help them feel fuller longer.

Since each Kidfresh offering has been vigorously tested by its kids’ panel, parents can trust that their little ones will appreciate the flavor. After all, no one wants to buy food only to see it be wasted.

The Kidfresh Easy Combo Meals, Chicken Meatballs and Pasta Marinara and White Meat Chicken Nuggets and Buttered Pasta, contain 13g of protein and a variety of hidden vegetables. The frozen meals can be found at select Target locations, Publix, and other retailers starting in mid-May. The suggested retail price is $5.99.