La Colombe’s Draft Latte offers real café flavor in a convenient format

La Colombe’s Draft Lattes
La Colombe’s Draft Lattes / La Colombe

While many people might like to linger with a perfectly prepared latte, some days do not allow that leisurely sip. For the coffee drinker who craves real café flavor, La Colombe’s Draft Latte is the on-the-go solution.

The ready to drink beverage market is soaring. While the RTD might never truly replace the barista, many coffee drinkers appreciate the convenience that the can or the bottle offers. But, not all sips are created equal.

One of the biggest complaints that ready to drink coffee consumers have is that the pre-made beverage is often too sugary. While some people like a hint of sweetness, others prefer to avoid that cloying flavor which overtakes the coffee.

Since many people turn to cold brew coffee for its smooth, less bitter flavor, it does not need sugar or other flavors to be the predominant flavor. Coffee drinkers want to taste coffee.

In an effort to set itself apart from other ready to drink coffees, La Colombe’s Draft Latte has at least 50% less sugar than other RTD coffee beverages on the shelf. This element is a huge selling point for many consumers. That distinction allows the real, cold brew coffee flavor to come through in every sip.

Each of the La Colombe’s Draft Lattes are made with premium cold brew and locally sourced 2% milk, if applicable. Since the coffee brand roasts and brews its beans in-house, it controls the nuance and complexities in that beverage. Never bitter, always smooth, these lattes feel sophisticated yet are never pretentious.

Lastly, these lattes are best enjoyed when poured into a glass. While sipping from a can is convenient, the frothy texture that rises to the top of the glass is similar to how a cold brew is served from a tap. Again, it is another example of a quality product in convenient packaging.

For coffee drinkers who are looking for a more sophisticated ready to drink option, grab a La Colombe Draft Latte. The line to the refrigerator is much shorter than the one at the local coffee shop.

La Colombe Draft Lattes are available in eight flavors, Double, Triple, Mocha, Vanilla, Caramel, Vanilla Oat, Double Oat, and Cold Brew. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.