Lala Kent gets bubbly with new Splash Botanicals Ninja Thristi flavors, interview

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For Lala Kent, sparkling water is more than just another beverage poured in a glass. With her new Splash Botanicals Ninja Thirsti flavors, the vivacious drink offerings bring a little extra sparkle when it is time to quench that thirst.

Anyone who has watched her on various Bravo television shows appreciates that Lala Kent is never afraid to voice her opinion. While her story has been an open book, her candor is one of the reasons why people appreciate her opinions. Those statements and beliefs are real and they are never sugar-coated.

Since she has been open and honest about her choice to live a sober lifestyle, Lala is always upfront about her thoughts on sparkling water. While some people might not have the nuanced palate of a water sommelier, most drinkers can appreciate when a sparkling water's flavor falls flat.

Recently, Lala continued her partnership with Ninja Thristi. She first became a hydration expert when the product launched.

During my recent chat with Lala, I asked if her taste perceptions have changed over the years. She clearly stated that her taste buds have evolved. Specifically, she admitted, “I definitely acquired a taste for sparkling water and I can tell the difference between all of them.” But, it is more than just a parsing the different flavors.

Lala said, “with the Ninja Thirsti, it is about the bubble. I like how much I can control the bubbles. It fits my and my family’s lifestyle.” That ability to have both flavor and plain sparkling water at the push of the button is important to her.

With the new Splash Botanicals line, Lala explained that they offer flavor versatility. For example, she hosted a party where the Raspberry Rose was served in champagne flutes with a fresh raspberry in the bottom. The Watermelon Mint was paired with some fresh mint.

In her mind, it is about making a moment out of the beverage. Just like a great outfit is better with a few accessories, a flavorful sparkling beverage can be highlighted with a great garnish or a little piazza with how it is served.

In some ways, the Ninja Thristi leans into that customization. Although Lala has not necessarily created some food and beverage pairings with her new flavors, the concept did spark her curiosity. Why shouldn’t that Watermelon Mint sparkling water be served with some watermelon and feta salad or the Pear Lavender be paired with some simple shortbread cookies. The food pairing possibilities are endless.

While the Ninja Thristi and its many flavors keep the hydration conversation fresh, it invites a discussion beyond mindless sipping. As Lala said, “sparking water has been there when I got sober, when I wanted to take a load off. It is part of lifestyle, whether I intended it to be that way or not.”

For Lala, it is more than just reaching for any beverage. She admitted that when she chose to step away from alcohol, she did not want to drink diet soda for the rest of her life. She said, “I started to appreciate sparkling water” not just for the taste but also for how it makes her feel. Being properly hydrated not only keeps her feeling her best, but it can be that little moment of me time.

As Lala said, there are moments where she sits back with a book, sips her Pear Lavender sparkling water, and enjoys a little me time. Again, it is an example where consciously choosing the beverage in the glass sets the intention. Those few moments might not be quite as grand as a day at the spa, but it can be a little moment of respite that anyone can appreciate.

Like many other working moms, Lala appreciates when business collaborations align in a meaningful way. She said, “I love my partnership with Ninja Thirsti because it is organic. It is my lifestyle.”

Additionally, her drive and determination sets an example for her family. She recalled how her mother pushed her to be strong and stand on her own two feet. That quality is now part of her mindset and it is a quality that she hopes to pass along to her daughters. But most importantly, Lala wants everyone to remember “always depend on you.”

Depending on you starts with making choices that support a balance lifestyle. When it is time to sparkle a little more, let flavor bloom, and toast to all of life’s possibilities, it does not have to be limited to a potent potable in your hand.

The Ninja Thirsti Splash Botanicals are making waves in the beverage world. Ready to join that flavorful trip?