Lindsay Lohan encourages everyone to take a Pure Leaf Tea Break

Lindsay Lohan for Pure Leaf Tea Break
Lindsay Lohan for Pure Leaf Tea Break / Pure Leaf

Pure Leaf is always a refreshing beverage choice, and it wants everyone to prioritize taking that beverage break. Lindsay Lohan knows a few things about taking a break and is ready to spill the tea on those moments away.

In today’s busy, sometimes chaotic world, people feel pressure to just keep going. It does not matter how tired, run down, or otherwise beat they feel. If they do not write another post, send another message, or just keep grinding, they will miss out on an opportunity, not make the money to pay a bill, or just be forgotten.

Given that Pure Leaf has always prioritized the idea of putting yourself first, the newest installment in that conversation is the Pure Leaf Tea Break. Even though people have learned the power of no, putting themselves first, and otherwise stop listening to the noise, a fun reminder is always a good thing.

To share this message in a creative way, the beverage brand partnered with Lindsay Lohan to encourage people to take that moment. It might not be sleeping in a pod or hiding out in the stairwell to avoid a meeting. But, a little recharge can be a good thing.

As Lohan said, "We owe it to ourselves to take a moment each day to pause, recharge, and revitalize. I'm proud to partner with Pure Leaf to promote the importance of taking a daily tea break because no matter what you do, we all deserve the time to reset and refresh. For me, prioritizing breaks is essential for all of the roles I juggle, allowing me to return stronger and more restored."

Pure Leaf wants to make it even easier for people to take that Tea Break. Now through July 25, people can visit to get a free bottle of iced tea. More details can be found online.

Julie Raheja-Perera, General Manager/VP - Pepsi Lipton Partnership North America explains this promotion as a reminder that “to reset is very important and revitalization is just a sip away with our delicious, iced teas made from a few high-quality, simple ingredients, and naturally occurring caffeine from tea leaves.”

While iced tea can come in various flavors, this beverage brand wants to make a bigger connection beyond just the refreshing taste. Each campaign resonates with a concept that goes beyond just grabbing any bottle from the shelf. When a company can connect with a cultural moment, they can obtain a loyal customer. If people associate that “tea break” with Pure Leaf, it is win win for everyone involved.

Ready to take your Pure Leaf Tea Break? It’s ok to stop reading this article and enjoy some me time.