Lucky sweetness: Sumo Citrus season is even bigger than before

Sumo Citrus hanging on a tree
Sumo Citrus hanging on a tree / Sumo Citrus

While the snow storm might be dreary, a bright burst of sunshine is waiting in the produce aisle. It is Sumo Citrus season now through April. For another season, the sweet, juicy fruit is bringing its uniqueness beyond the fruit basket.  

Even if a glass of orange juice starts many people’s day, eating an actual piece of fruit has tremendous value. When that fruit is easy to consume, people can be more likely to eat piece after piece.  

Sumo Citrus has delighted people not only for its juicy, sweet flavor but also for its easy to peel rind. That bulbous top easily gives way to big pieces of fruit. A few peels and everyone is popping pieces to enjoy.  

While that easy eating makes the citrus a great choice for quick breakfasts, easy lunches, and anytime snacks, the easy peel mandarins can be used in a multitude of ways. A simple spinach salads become more palatable with a few slices. Or, that bowl of yogurt has a burst of bright treasures in every spoonful.  

Even though there are many ways to enjoy a box of that Sumo Citrus, the 13th season sees the curious looking fruit stepping out of the produce box and into the beauty aisle. There is a Sumo Citrus Cleansing Jelly and a LOLI Beauty collaboration. That light sunny note can be a way to make any day a little more special.  

While the Sumo Citrus season will last till April, the time still feels short. Even if the everyday starts with one of those gigantic fruits, the moments of enjoyment are fleeting. But, it is a reminder to always say yes to that box sitting in the produce aisle. The fruits might be a curious shape, but their enjoyment is simple beautiful.