MasterChef Junior Season 9 finale exclusive clip: Who earns the coveted crown?

MasterChef Junior Season 9 finale, Michael, Bryson, and Remi
MasterChef Junior Season 9 finale, Michael, Bryson, and Remi / FOX

With three young chefs battling for supremacy in the MasterChef Junior Season 9 finale, everyone is wondering who will earn the title. Bryson, Michael, and Remi present their three course meals to the judges and hope that each impeccable dish will earn high praise.

Throughout MasterChef Season 9, the young chefs have tackled a multitude of obstacles. From eating and cooking with food that they hated to working in teams, there have been plenty of triumphant and tribulations throughout the journey. But, the tears from the pressure filled competition never soured their spirits.

In the two-part Season 9 finale, the young chefs are cooking meals that chefs double their age may not be able to master. With Mystery Boxes and themed challenges behind them, the finale is about cooking their meal, dishes that capture not only their precise execution but share a piece of their personal story.

Will Bryson, Michael, or Remi soar to victory in the MasterChef Junior Season 9 finale?

Predicting a winner amongst these three young cooks is nearly impossible. During the first part of the Season 9 finale, the judges had mostly positive feedback for the young chefs. More importantly, each dish gave a glimpse on the three-course meal’s progression. For example, Michael is not suddenly going to switch from a vibrant, Florida fresh inspired dish to a hearty, Southern meat focused dish, like the ones that Bryson cooks.

The biggest item that will separate each of these young chefs will be their ability to execute the meal without glaring mistakes. The judges can overlook slightly imperfect seasoning or a misguided garnish. Improperly cooked proteins or a poorly baked dessert does not earn anyone a MasterChef title.

Although the exclusive MasterChef Season 9 finale clip does not give any indication which young chef will raise that trophy in victory, some people are willing to wager on the outcome. But, recent success does not guarantee a win.

Michael has been on a roll. His momentum into the finale serves him well. More importantly, he chooses his dishes wisely. The combination of flavors and execution has earned him high praise from the judges.

Bryson started out the competition strong. He might have the nickname “cheese curd,” but his dishes are far from being cliché. Between his experience in culinary competitions to his ability to cook proteins well, he could have an advantage in the finale. Being able to manage the pressure in the moment is key to success.

Remi is the last girl standing. She has shown throughout the season that heart and determination can earn a victory. Influenced by her grandmother’s cooking, her meal exemplifies what it means to elevate classic dishes.

Which young chef will walk away with the MasterChef Junior Season 9 title? Be sure to watch the finale on FOX, Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Episodes, as well as the entire season, can be streamed on Hulu.