MasterChef Junior Season 9 premiere: Channel your emoji, exclusive clip

MasterChef Junior Season 9 premiere, Gordon and Tilly Ramsay with new contestant Remy
MasterChef Junior Season 9 premiere, Gordon and Tilly Ramsay with new contestant Remy / FOX

In the MasterChef Junior Season 9 premiere, the new young chefs are ready to impress the judges. For their first challenge, they must capture the emotion in their dish. In this exclusive clip, the dish is a celebration of her connection to her home state and cooking with her grandma.

According to FOX, the MasterChef Season 9 premiere, “Eating Emoji” features the following:

“Twelve young home chefs enter the kitchen to battle it out for the title of the next MasterChef Junior champion, taking home a trophy and $100,000 grand prize. For their first challenge, the junior chefs are each given an emoji cookie and have one hour to prepare a dish that represents the emotion behind it. The chef with the best dish will not only be safe from elimination but will also win a trip to Las Vegas in the all-new “Eating Emoji” season premiere episode of MasterChef Junior airing Monday, March 4 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.”

With Tilly Ramsay joining the judging group, the sense of family and connection is heightened this season. Even though Tilly can give her father, Gordon, a little good natured ribbing, the importance of family and the connection for food is clear. Appreciating and understanding the emotion behind the recipe is vital to ensuring that the family creates that long standing memory.

As seen in this exclusive MasterChef Junior Season 9 premiere exclusive clip, Remy is ready to bring a taste of the Sunshine State and her family.

Capturing the “Cool Cookie” is all about the bright flavors. Citrus and chicken thighs are a great combination to lift the richer protein. It shows that Remy understands flavors and how to balance them.

While that nod to the Florida is clear, it is what she says about her grandmother that is relatable. Many people learn to cook with a family member. Whether that moment created a “soul mate” connection with mashed potatoes or there was a story told that is remembered much later in life, the reality is that a taste of food can make all those memories come flooding back.

While there are many special sentiments throughout MasterChef Junior, it is the fun that this FOX competition brings which is why families watch. As seen in this clip, Gordon Ramsay is willing to act a little silly to capture the moment. The stern voice from his other culinary competitions is replaced with the jovial dad that can help guide any chef into culinary excellence. That sprinkling of silly is just as important as a well-seasoned protein.

Will Remy’s chicken thighs earn high praise from all the judges? Be sure to tune into the MasterChef Junior Season 9 premiere on Monday, March 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Episodes can be streamed the next day on FOX.