Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves get cheeky with a Pantalones Pickle Margarita

Pantalones Pickle Margarita
Pantalones Pickle Margarita / Pantalones

While getting stuck in the kitchen might be a pickleball mistake, the Pantalones Pickle Margarita might be the sip of refreshment to lighten up the mood after a game. Although the tequila brand’s founders, Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves might be a little adventurous with their on-court style, one sip of this cocktail could have people shedding their misconceptions on briny beverages.

With so many celebrity tequila brands in the market, it can be hard to stand out. Some liquors can embrace the pack mentality and others might prefer a musical interlude. Pantalones Tequila focuses on being a premium, organic tequila that never forgets spirits should be spirited. It might not necessarily inspire everyone to beat their own bongos, but it should get people off the couch and enjoy life.

As part of the brand’s campaign, “Official Tequila Of,” Pantalones is ready to embrace any and every activity with a sense of personal freedom to wear or not to wear whatever people choose.

Offering a comment, Co-Founders and Chief Pants Officers Matthew and Camila McConaughey said, “With the explosion in popularity of tequila, there’s a level of snootiness that’s crept into the category. People now talk about tequila the way they talk about wine. While we’re all for being passionate about tequila, we wanted to remind people that, above all, it’s meant to be fun. That’s where the name Pantalones came from and that’s why you won’t see us wearing any.”  

Whether people sip that reposado from a champagne flute, sniffer, or even the kids’ juice glass, the spirit should elicit a notion to enjoy life, not just talk about it. And, for the people who are a little “briny,” it might be time to pour them a Pickle Margarita.

Playing off its role as the Official Tequila of Pickleball, Pantalones has offered its specialty cocktail, a Pickle Margarita. While this spicy, briny and refreshing, it does not guarantee a win on the court. But, it does shake up a little fun along the way.

Here’s how to make a Pantalones Pickle Margarita.


Half cup of ice

3 jalapenos

1 ounce Pantalones Organic Tequila

1 ounce pickle juice

Half ounce lime and agave


Combine ingredients in a glass and serve.

Tequila cocktails do not have to be pretentious. It is time to let a good breeze blow out the stuffy, too tight liquor discussion. With Pantalones Organic Tequila everyone has the freedom to come, and dress, as they please.