Max the Meat Guy x McCormick Seasoning Blends build flavor and texture, exclusive

Max the Meat Guy x McCormick Seasoning Blends
Max the Meat Guy x McCormick Seasoning Blends / McCormick

As the food kisses the flame, the aroma creates an anticipation of a delicious flavor. While cooking technique is important, seasoning that food before it hits the heat is vital. Max the Meat Guy x McCormick Seasoning Blends are the flavor foundation that creates an appetizing dish and any level cook can master it.

While grilling is the only cooking method that imparts flavor, the flame cannot be the only flavor enhancer. Salt, pepper, and other spices come together to infuse that steak, chicken, or other food before it gets kissed by the flame. Even if the spice shelf is overflowing, creating the perfect blend of ingredients is not as simple as a dash here and a shake there.

Max Greb, also known as Max the Meat Guy, has guided new and experienced cooks to a better meal. While his loyal social media following has grown over the years, his approachable technique and welcoming personality has people excited to put that food on the grate and let the cooking commence.

The popular chef recently partnered with McCormick to create his own special seasonings blends. Available to use on their own and in conjunction with each other, the versatility that this Grill Mates line offers is tremendous. From proteins to vegetables and from mains to sides, these seasoning blends will be in constant rotation.

Prime Rib Sandwich
Prime Rib Sandwich using Max the Meat Guy x McCormick Seasonings Blends / McCormick

Max Greb gives a behind the scenes look into the new Max the Meat Guy x McCormick Seasonings Blends

Ahead of the Meat Guy x McCormick Seasonings Blends launch, Max spoke exclusively to FoodSided. When asked how the three spice blends, Max’s All Purpose Seasoning (Build), Max’s Xtra Coarse Seasoning (Base) and Max’s Chimichurri Seasoning (Finish) fit into various recipes, Max was clear about why these items can be used on their own and can build on each other.

Max said,”these are highly flexible seasoning blends that work great on their own but truly shine when used together. This is the type of cooking that I've done my entire life. It's a combination of layering flavor, but also layering textures.” That blend  is what makes these McCormick Grill Mates seasonings different from other offerings.

Just looking at the visual of each seasoning, the different textures are apparent. From mustard seeds and pepper to dill and coarse salt, those components add an integral element to any dish. Any chef appreciates that varying texture adds to eating satisfaction. This seasoning element is another component to any dish. When the two marry in harmony, the result has everyone singing their praises.

Building on that versality, the recipes Max created capture concept. A few examples that use the McCormick Grill Mates offerings are a hearty Prime Rib Sandwich and a Deconstructed Beef Wellington. The flavor will get praise, not a fiery retort, from every discerning palate.

Deconstructive Beef Wellington
Deconstructive Beef Wellington with Max the Grill Guy x McCormick Seasonings Blends / McCormick

How to build flavor with the McCormick Seasoning Blends

Since these seasoning blends were designed to stand on their own and work together, managing the salt level was important for Max. He explained, “while there is salt in the base, it is not extremely salty. That idea was a critical element. I’ve used McCormick products my entire life. While the Montreal Steak seasoning was part of the inspiration behind the starting point for these blends, I knew that a great seasoning blend is critical for a great meal.”

Cooks have learned that a great bite must be taken in totality, that beginning, middle, and end is vital to the process. While Max suggests allowing a protein to be seasoned awhile before it hits the grill, the finishing elements are equally as vital. It is one of the reasons why the chimichurri works as both a sprinkle, incorporated into a compound butter, and even used as a base in a sauce.

Overall, the McCormick Seasoning Blends offer a flavor journey. As the initial seasoning opens the palate with the classic flavors, the secondary layer piques interest to contemplate the taste with the touch of spice, more robust herbs, and other notes take the taste in a different direction. With that last flourish of flavor from the finishing component, it is like the chef’s kiss to ensure perfection on the plate.

While some people might gravitate towards using these seasoning blends on red meat or other proteins, Max invites people to look at any and all food options. He explained, “the beauty of this product is the flexibility beyond red meat or proteins. Roasted vegetables always have a foundation of salt, pepper, and garlic.” These seasonings offer that foundation and make it easy for any cook, no matter their comfort level. It might be the flavor enhancement to get the vegetable adverse to eat another serving.

Max said that he always believes that “simplicity is best.” When asked what he would serve for a simple, always delicious meal, he mentioned he would serve a “giant beautiful steak.” The perfectly seared steak with a side of grilled corn with his chimichurri seasoning is his recommendation.

chimichurri seasoning
Max's Chimichurri seasoning / McCormick

That meal exemplifies what the home cook needs and wants from a seasoning blend. Instead of having 10 containers that are only used for a specific dish, a multi-functional option makes this seasoning line the go-to option. After all, a spice container should be open and used in a few months, not last for over a year or pushed to the back of the spice rack.

While McCormick has long been the trusted brand for chefs, grill masters, and home cooks, the latest offering in collaboration with Max the Meat Guy will become summer’s must have spice blend. The grill is lit, the food is seasoned, and a delicious meal is waiting to be enjoyed.

The new Max the Meat Guy x McCormick Seasonings Blends will be, Walmart and other retailers. In addition, there is a Max the Meat Guy Amazon store front which is a one-stop shop for the line. Each blend retails for $5.99.