Shake up an authentic Mexican sour cocktail to toast Mexican culture

Damiana Sour
Damiana Sour /

While many people long to escape to a Mexican resort with its stunning beach, shaking up a taste of that luxurious locale can be enjoyed anywhere. Instead of sipping on another margarita, this authentic Mexican sour cocktail, Damiana Sour, offers an exhilarating flavor that impresses even the most discerning palate.

From tequila to mezcal, traditional Mexican spirits often are the base of many traditional cocktails. While the liquor is vital to the beverage’s overall balance, the other ingredients are key to the creativity served in every glass.

Although restaurants can often look to pair food and beverages based on complementary flavors, some mixologists go a little deeper for their flavor inspiration. For example, Los Cabos based Beverage Consultant, Osvaldo Vazquez looked to a native plant to be the basis of a Mexican sour cocktail.

While hibiscus is often a floral note in a margarita or a mezcalita, that plant is not the only option available. Damiana, a native Mexican herb, offers a depth of flavor that makes people take notice.

Looking at Mexican culture and heritage, the Damiana herb is said to symbolize resilience and tradition. While some people might appreciate the sentiment behind the herb, the flavor is the real reason why people want to incorporate it into a cocktail.

For anyone who has not enjoyed this herb before, some people say it has a flavor similar to a fig, but it does not have a lot of sweetness. The slightly earthy and floral note makes it a great addition to a tea or multi-layered beverage.

In the Damiana Sour, by Osvaldo Vazquez, the cocktail’s complexity is quite enticing. The combination of the Damiana liqueur with the tartness from the lime juice and the sweetness from the agave provides the perfect balance.

Also, the foam adds a hint of whimsy and a stunning appearance that makes the cocktail a must share. Sometimes it is the little flourishes that have people asking for a second round.

Damiana Sour
Damiana Sour /

Here’s how to make the Damiana Sour.


2 oz Tequila, General Gorostieta Blanco

1 oz Damiana Guaycura (U.S.) or Damiana Punto G Licor (MX)

½ oz Lime Juice

¼ oz Agave Honey

8 drops of Angostura Bitters (U.S.) or Aztec Ruda Bitters (MX)

½ Dash of Fee Foam (U.S.) or Foamer Don Foamy (MX)

Pensamientos flowers (Pansies) for garnish


In a chilled cocktail shaker, combine all the ingredients.

Shake vigorously until well mixed.

Pour the mixture into a tumbler glass with an ice ball.

Garnish with edible flowers and a few drops of bitters.

Serve and enjoy responsibly.

Even though this sour cocktail might be a little more complicated than a margarita, the flavor is worth the extra effort. For the next taco night, date night, or just because, consider the Damiana Sour and shake up a new flavor that will become a new favorite.