Miller High Life Dive Bar Hot Sauce is the ultimate flavor booster

Miller High Life Dive Bar Hot Sauce
Miller High Life Dive Bar Hot Sauce / Miller High Life

While the classic Dive Bar might have a secret sauce to their ambiance or even their signature food, there is a new way to bring that taste to the table. Miller High Life Dive Bar Hot Sauce is the flavor splash that will toast to the good life.

Miller High Life is definitely having a moment. Recently, the brand has elevated the tastes and aromas of the dive bar in the most creative ways. It is more than just the glow of the neon sign, a few crushed peanut shells on the floor, and maybe some shag carpet on the wall.

The special collaborations have shown that Miller High Life has earned the Champagne of Beers distinction because the good life does not have to come with an exuberant price tag. It is about good times, great friends, and embracing the moment.

The beer brand’s collaborations have captured that concept. From partnerships with Top Chef and Chef Justin Sutherland to Bar Snack Truffles, the reality is that everyone and anyone has an appreciation for that classic Wisconsin beer.

The latest offering, the Miller High Life Dive Bar Hot Sauce brings a bold, unexpected taste to the conversation. A collaboration with Chef Sam Davis-Allonce of Hot N Saucy can take that bland chicken wings to bar worthy deliciousness and a cheese spread from one note to a symphony of flavors.

As Frank Cirone, senior director of marketing for Miller High Life said, “We’re excited to partner with Chef Sam who knows from her own experiences in restaurant kitchens how important it is to balance heat and flavor. As a favorite amongst the service industry, Miller High Life is proud to work with Chef Sam to create another unique High Life twist on a dive bar staple with a spicy sidekick that gives you a new way to taste the High Life.”

Miller High Life Dive Bar Hot Sauce
Special limited edition Miller High Life Dive Bar Hot Sauce / Miller High Life

Ready for a dab of the Miller High Life Dive Bar Hot Sauce?

When it comes to hot sauce, the categories usually go from mild then hot and ending at extreme. Although some people may never venture to the flavor that has them running for a glass of milk, the middle ground where the tingle tempts and a flush in the cheek rises is a smart choice.

Explaining the inspiration for the hot sauce, Chef Sam Davis-Allonce, founder of Hot N Saucy said, “The sauce is inspired by the early days of my career and the late night dive bar celebrations after long nights in the kitchen with my drink of choice - a crisp Miller High Life. I created this recipe as a toast to that time in my life and all the kitchen staff, bar backs and High Life lovers like me celebrating the High Life with some spice.”

With the Miller High Life Dive Bar Hot Sauce, the flavor combines some traditional and some unusual components. Since the idea is to reference some aspects of that dark, yet welcoming, watering hole, a few flavors and aromas were key.

First, there is a smoky quality. This idea is not infusing that pungent note that is part of Uncle Eddie’s clothes. Rather, it is that underlying depth that keeps the flavor from being unbalanced. In a way, it is like that secret ingredient that you cannot quite identify, but it is necessary to the overall flavor.

Of course, there is heat, but it is not extreme. The adobe chipotle pepper flavor plays off the smoky. It will make you take a beat. More importantly, it will leave you going back for more.

To bring some brightness, the lemon pepper layer is reminiscent of the classic chicken wings. It feels familiar and yet new. Sometimes that nostalgic note makes people see a taste in a new light.

Lastly, the most unusual element is the carrot juice. The slight sweetness helps to temper some of the heat. It is not a magic eraser, but is it a lovely idea that has everyone looking at this hot sauce's versatility across a wide array of food.

Overall, the ingredients make this special hot sauce offering extremely versatile. Whether it is the splash in a Bloody Mary, a dash in the beer cheese for the warm pretzel, or even the pour on top of a pizza slice, it might be best to have a few bottles on the table.

The only downside to this Miller High Life Dive Bar Hot Sauce is that it will not be available in stores. To snag a bottle, head to starting on April 29 at 12 p.m. ET. The bottle will retail for $12.