Miller Lite Big Green Kegg is the ultimate backyard beer drinking accessory

Miller Lite Big Green Kegg
Miller Lite Big Green Kegg / Miller Lite

Many people appreciate that an ice-cold beer and grilling are the perfect food and beverage pairing. Now, everyone’s favorite kamado grill has a cooler companion sitting beside it. Welcome to the Miller Lite Big Green Kegg.

Over the years, the outdoor kitchen has become a status symbol. The simple charcoal grill with a table has been pushed aside by the Big Green Egg in its nesting table. Home cooks have come to appreciate that the kitchen is not limited to the four walls of a house.

Since the outdoor space is where everyone gathers, no one wants to constantly shuffle from patio to refrigerator for that beverage. It is better to have an option within reach. Enter, the Miller Lite Big Green Kegg.

This ultimate accessory for the Big Green Egg fan, or really anyone who has an outdoor space, is the Miller Lite Big Green Kegg. It is a keg built to look like the popular kamado grill. The key difference is that this beer option keeps that beer well-chilled versus the grill that keeps that constant high temperature.

As Anne Pando, Director of Marketing for Miller Lite, said, “Beer and grilling are a natural pairing. What’s better than flipping a burger or smoking a brat with a beer in hand? That’s why we created the ultimate sidekick for your grill. While you’re grilling at the perfect heat, the Big Green Kegg keeps the great taste of Miller Lite ice cold so Griller Time always tastes like Miller Time.”

Miller Lite Big Green Kegg
Miller Lite Big Green Kegg tapper handle / Miller Lite

This specialty designed accessory holds a ¼ barrel keg. Unlike other kegerators, this version does not require an electricity source or CO2 canister. Similar to how the kamado grill keeps constant temperature, this version keeps things cool. Plus, it can be used time and again. Simply replace the empty keg and replace the iced.

This item is another example of Griller Time. Previously, the beer brand has offered its special charcoal. Many people enjoyed adding that hint of flavor to their grilled food.

With this special offering, it is another reminder that Miller Lite works well with cooking food. From cooking brats in beer to adding some beer to the water bath inside the Big Green Egg, there are plenty of ways to infuse that flavor into the recipe.

While this special item might be a substantial purchase, the idea of Miller Lite and grilling is a pairing that anyone can enjoy this summer. A beer in hand, great food, and lots of laughs can make for an enjoyable day.

The Miller Lite Big Green Kegg goes on sale Tuesday, May 28 at It retails for $350.