M&M’S celebrates “almost champions” in its Super Bowl LVIII commercial

MMS Super Bowl LVIII commercial
MMS Super Bowl LVIII commercial / MMS

Many NFL players dream of earning that Super Bowl ring. While the carats might sparkle, the jewelry is more than just a status symbol. It is the physical representation and cumulation of all that hard work. In its Super Bowl LVIII commercial, M&M’S wants to give the almost champions a little something special.  

M&M’S usually has one of the most talked about Super Bowl commercials ever year. Whether it is changing the candy’s name in honor of a celebrity or using those iconic Spokescandies to bring a little humor, those few seconds on screen are talked about for a long time.  

For Super Bowl LVIII, M&M’S is bringing NFL Legends, Dan Marino, Terrell Owens and Bruce Smith, together to give them something that is not on their hand, a championship ring. These “almost champions” deserve a “M&M'S Almost Champions Ring of Comfort.” 

Speaking to the commercial, Gabrielle Wesley, Chief Marketing Officer, Mars Wrigley North America said, "M&M'S is all about using the power of fun to create a world where everyone feels they belong. To inspire moments of everyday happiness and entertain fans, it's only fitting that our Mars Brand gem partners with a roster of NFL Legends to debut a custom ring with diamonds made from real M&M'S peanut butter, providing one-of-a-kind carats AND comfort for exceptional almost champions." 

While there will be some twists to the full commercial reveal, the concept captures what makes M&M’S resonate with everyone. There is a sense of playfulness and simple joy around the classic candy. In this example, even though the outcome might not have been what those NFL legends hoped, the sportsmanship and experience does have a reward.  

MMS Almost Champions ring
MMS Almost Champions rings / MMS

Separate from the commercial’s humor and theme, the idea of a ring with a hidden compartment for a M&M’S candy could be a concept that takes over the fashion world. While the Milwaukee Bucks had an NBA Championship ring that broke into parts to wear as a ring or a necklace, maybe the hidden compartment idea is one that more designers will borrow.  

Given that food and fashion are constantly intertwined, the idea of a secret compartment for a favorite candy might be a winning idea that everyone can appreciate.  

For now, remember to watch Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, 2023. The M&M’S commercial will air during the first quarter.