M&M’S Easter Sundae is the most versatile treat in the Easter basket

M&M'S Easter Sundae
M&M'S Easter Sundae / M&M'S

While there will always be a place for Easter eggs, favorite candies often fill the Easter basket. With the new M&M’S Easter Sundae flavor, the bunny might want to buy two bags for all the treats that can be made with these candies.

When M&M’s launches a new special flavor, people take notice. While the classic chocolate and peanut flavors will always hold a special place for people, other choices have found their niche. From peanut butter to crispy, mixing the various flavors and textures in a bowl is enjoyable.

With limited time, specialty offerings, people often run to get that bag. The M&M’S Easter Sundae is one of those offerings that people will want to buy a couple extra bags. In one small bite, it captures the perfect sundae scoop. From the vanilla ice cream and cherry flavors to the dark chocolate fudge taste, it is a well-balanced, flavorful option for the classic candy.

Thinking about this candy, it would be delightful mixed into ice cream. It adds a little extra to the mix without totally overpowering the ice cream.

Also, it would make a great taste in a simple cookie or even a brownie. Basically, it almost brings a brownie sundae to life without all the effort.

Adding a sundae flavor for the spring holiday is interesting. Easter is often associated with citrus flavors or other light, zesty notes. The M&M’S Easter Sundae seems to play into that nostalgic food trend. There is something universally loved about the sundae. Playing into those simple joys might be the best part of celebrating a holiday.

M&M'S Easter candies
M&M'S Easter candies / M&M'S

What other Mars candies join the M&M’S Easter Sundae for the Spring holiday?

From classic chocolate to fun gummies, Mars has a bountiful basket of Easter candies for the upcoming holiday. As Tim LeBel, President of Sales at Mars Wrigley North America, said “The start of spring and Easter is a special time for people to come together with friends and family, and our iconic portfolio of Mars brands plays a special part in that celebration. Along with our classic Easter offerings from M&M'S and DOVE, we've seen a growth in fruity consumption during the season and we're thrilled to have a variety of on-trend offerings from our beloved STARBURST Jellybeans to fruity favorites like SKITTLES and LIFE SAVERS Gummies in our variety bags."

While everyone will have their favorite food choice, it is the variety that excites people. Given that 85% of people plan to buy food, candy, and gifts for the holiday, all the options make it easier to find a choice that makes people happy.

From Skittles to Starburst, the sweet, tangy, and fruity options are often a favorite during the Spring holiday. Some people might even pick a color theme for the basket. With all the choices, it is easy to accomplish.

For a more decadent option, consider some Ethel M. Chocolates. From the Milk Chocolate Bananas Foster Truffles to the Dark Chocolate Lemon Satin Crème Hearts, the gourmet  treats will impress.

Check with retailers for all the options for Easter or other springtime celebrations. From chocolate to gummies and from sweet to sour, Mars has all the options to fill that Easter basket to the brim.