Modelo drives forward with a new chapter in its mark of a fighter campaign

Modelo women lowrider campaign
Modelo women lowrider campaign / Modelo

Over the years, Modelo balanced its connection to Mexico and its culture to the idea of the mark of the fighter. While some people might envision themselves enjoying that refreshing beer with a chicken mole or a simple fish taco, the lager in the glass can represent more than a satisfying sip. In its latest campaign, Modelo celebrates a unique group of women who are navigating their own road to success.

When Modelo opened the conversation to the mark of the fighter campaign, the idea was more than just the people who could make a statement in the ring or their sporting event. It was about the person behind the punch, the drive, or the win. The desire, determination, and the dedication to foster success deserves to be in the spotlight.

For this women’s history month, Modelo is celebrating the female lowrider community. While that imagery might have focused on a male side, women in this community have a unique point of view. They are not just an accessory to pose in a photo. They are driving a conversation to secure their voice is heard above the other noise.

As Logan Jensen, Sr. Director of Brand Marketing, Modelo said, “Modelo has always stood for those with grit and tenacity who demonstrate the mark of a fighter – traits the lowrider community certainly embodies. Today’s female lowriders are in the driver’s seat, building and designing vehicles that deserve even more attention than they already receive on the road. With the return of Lowrider magazine, we’re able to highlight the women of this community who have been a critical part of its growth and evolution.”

Recently, Modelo partnered with Lowrider magazine to highlight women in this industry. From builders to drivers, the women are the power behind the revving engines and visually impressive designs. Being able to stand in front and be recognized for their accomplishments is vital for this industry segment to get their moment.

By highlighting another segment of the mark of the fighter community behind the Modelo brand, the beer company understands that cultural connections are vital to its continued success. It is more than the beer enjoyed on a sandy escape or drunk to mark one day in May. When people connect with the concept that a company represents beyond the glass, people will gravitate to that choice time and again.

As the mark of the fighter drives forward to embrace the women lowrider community, what could be on the horizon for the beer brand? No matter the story told next, it will be a celebration of resources, tenacious, and strong people.