Must eat dishes at 2024 SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival

While the Orlando theme park thrills guests with coasters at every turn and captivates guests with the wonders of the oceanic world, the 2024 SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival delights with tastes from around the globe. With over 200 food and beverage offerings, there are many reasons to visit, and visit often, during the festival’s run.
Duck confit with tabais bean at SeaWorld Orlando 2024 Seven Seas Food Festival
Duck confit with tabais bean at SeaWorld Orlando 2024 Seven Seas Food Festival / Cristine Struble

The 2024 SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival kicked off with a splash and theme park guests were craving hearty flavors and refreshing cocktails. From returning favorites to celebrating food trends, the theme park’s culinary team deserves a round of applause. With many weekends to try these delicious dishes, there are plenty of reasons to visit, and visit often.  

Food festivals are big business for theme parks. Even though guests want thrills, immersive experiences, and lasting memories, the food, especially the limited time offerings, flavor those moments and leave them wanting more. At SeaWorld Orlando, the culinary team has found creative and innovative ways to set their offerings apart from other attractions in the area. From bold flavors to innovative recipe creations, everyone is ready to dive into that food extravaganza.  

Top dishes at 2024 SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival 

With a nice blend of new and returning food and beverage options, the Seven Seas Food Festival covers almost anything that guests could crave. From vegetable forward dishes to spicy, globally inspired recipes, it might be beneficial to pick a theme per park visit to curate a menu journey.  

A must try is the Brazilian booth. While many people will be tempted by the reimagined picanha steak, the galinhada (marinated chicken thigh with saffron rice) captures classic South American flavors. The chicken is succulent and the rice is the perfect backdrop.  

While this dish is lovely with an Easy Fridays Lager, the Lemon Basil Lemonade from the Half Pipe Pavilion is quite delightful. The slightly herbal note from the basil cuts through the richness of the chicken thigh.  

Continuing with another poultry item, the new French marketplace offers a rustic duck confit. Served with tabais bean, the dish is quite hearty. Even though there is not a white table cloth dining table, it feels sophisticated for a theme park food.  

Another new offering is the tempura battered sushi from the Asian market. This new take on a California roll is perfectly crunchy and the eel sauce brings balance to the overall bite. It is a quick snack that will not impede jumping onto the Pipeline Surfcoaster and enjoying that ride. 

Several of the new markets highlight bold, yet approachable, global cuisine. From the chicken tikka masala to walking gyros, there is something intriquing and innovative about these culinary takes. Plus, the small bites make it inviting to place an order just to try something new.  

Of course, a visit to a theme park is not complete without a little indulgence. Some people might prefer to sip that treat. The cocktail list is quite lengthy. From island influences to dessert cocktails, the options are many.  

Plus, SeaWorld is showcasing their beer menu. Local, domestic and global beers are featured throughout the food festival.  

Ending the day with an over the top dessert is the sweet ending that no one can resist. From the returning favorite, whiskey maple bacon cinnamon roll to a mini creme brulee to even a boozy cupcake, worrying about calories is not part of the conversation.  

The 2024 SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival runs now through May 19. Check with the Orlando theme park for the specific dates when the markets are open. In addition, the festival will feature concerts on select weekends.