Excited to chew on the new Orbit White Sweet Mint?

Orbit White Sweet Mint
Orbit White Sweet Mint / Orbit

Whether stashed in the bottom of the purse or kept in the car’s cupholder, gum and mints are always within people’s reach. With the new Orbit White Sweet Mint, the soft chew gum is bursting with flavor and a little extra brightness.  

The gum and mint category is always looking to add a new layer to its refreshing conversation. While people might shake that container to ensure that the garlicky dinner does not overtake the post-meal conversation, the reality is that people enjoy gum and mints for more than just breath refreshment.  

That minty flavor can be a mood booster, energy enhancer, or just a way to keep the cookie craving tamed. As long as no one chews loudly to disturb others, that tiny food can be quite satisfying.  

With the new Orbit White Sweet Mint, the offering is more than just chewing, flavor satisfaction. There is a little extra boost which could make people more willing to smile brightly.  

As Maria Urista, Vice President at Mars Wrigley said, "We know consumers can be self-conscious about their smiles, so we hope that Orbit White Sweet Mint can help give everyone an extra boost of confidence, and inspire moments of everyday happiness in 2024. Our soft chew format is a fan favorite and we're excited to deliver this beloved flavor as part of our Orbit White lineup to keep everyone feeling their best." 

While all the brand’s gum offerings help to assist with a cleaner, fresher mouth feeling, this particular item is meant to help whiten teeth. According to the brand’s findings, extended use can help brighten teeth.  

The newest flavor plays into Orbit’s marketing concept of embracing and celebrating personal confidence. A vibrant, welcoming smile is not only an internal reminder to seize every opportunity presented, but also it is a choice to stand tall in a crowd. Everyone has a best self; sometimes they just need others to see it as well.  

The new Orbit White Sweet Mint will be available at various retailers. Check with stores for pricing of the 40-count bottle.