New Panera Sourdough Melts are an elevated take on a grilled cheese

Panera Sourdough Melts
Panera Sourdough Melts / Panera

Whether it is a hunger for hearty comfort food or a desire to try something different, the new Panera Sourdough Melts are a welcome addition to the menu. With two new sandwiches to try, the hardest decision is choosing which one to order first.  

The two new Panera Sourdough Melts are Bacon Avocado Melt and Southwest Chicken Melt. Both sandwiches feature the restaurant’s signature Country Rustic Sourdough. That tangy bread is toasted to the perfect crispy texture.  

The Bacon Avocado Melt is full of bold flavors. Paired with the bacon and avocado, the smoked gouda adds a creaminess to contrast the crunchy bread. The everything bagel seasoning blend adds notes of pepper, onion, and garlic. With the chipotle aioli for a tempered spice note, it is a complete bite that fully satisfies.  

The Southwest Chicken Melt combines smoked pulled chicken with smoked gouda, red onion, cilantro, and chipotle aioli. While the red onions break up the richness, a pickled red onion might have been nice. Also, cilantro can be somewhat divisive, but people can ask for that ingredient to be omitted.  

Since these new sandwiches are a riff on a grilled cheese, they would be delicious paired with a Panera soup. Although not necessarily dipping sandwiches, they would work with the seasonal butternut squash soup, tomato soup, or even that old school chicken noodle. Even though the cheddar and broccoli soup might be the most popular soup on the menu, the pairing might be a little rich. But, personal preference should always drive that food order.  

To celebrate the new food items, Panera is celebrating National Ditch Your Resolution Day on January 17 by giving away 1,000 free Sourdough Melts. To redeem this offer via the Panera app, use the code BREADSOGOOD. The offer is available to MyPanera members while supplies last. Whether people have given up bread, carbs, or just want a free sandwich, it is a great opportunity to try the new menu items.  

Ready to try the new Panera Sourdough Melts? Maybe it is time to resolve to eat more satisfying comfort foods.