Next Level Chef Season 3 pizza challenge: Unusual ingredients rise to the occasion

Next Level Chef Season 3 pizza challenge
Next Level Chef Season 3 pizza challenge / FOX

For the first time on the FOX culinary competition, the Next Level Chef Season 3 pizza challenge pushed the chefs to be creative with their dough and toppings. Could these pizzas be the next food trend to be part of that delivery order?

When people are asked about a favorite food, pizza is often a popular choice. Even though there can be debate over crust styles, favorite toppings, and even the size of a slice, the reality is that a pizza can be seen in almost any cuisine. For example, a flatbread is a pizza that crosses cultures.

Before the platform dropped, one aspect to Next Level Chef Season 3 has everyone wondering if there is a curse. Looking at the challenges, many eliminated chefs have come from the top kitchen. Whether it is a chef who might be uncomfortable with all the gadgets or just a stroke of bad luck, it seems like the top kitchen is cursed.

In the Next Level Chef Season 3 pizza challenge, both the ingredients and the crust were not the standard hand-tossed crust and pepperoni. From biscuit dough to offal toppings, these pizzas might not necessarily be the next food trend on the takeout menu.

Still, the challenge showcased how the chefs build flavors with the ingredients that they are dealt. This challenge is really about combining ingredients and executing the dish. Under cooked dough or muddled flavors will not earn praise from the judges.

Even though the preview clip might have had everyone thinking that the lamb tongue pizza could earn a spot in the elimination round, that dish won the top spot. The reasoning was that it was a balanced bite. From the dough to the sauce, Nicole found a way to make the most unlikely ingredient work.

While Team Blais rose to the top kitchen, it might not be a great move. Will they avoid the Next Level Chef curse? Everyone will have to wait and see.

Unfortunately, the bottom pizzas were quite clear. Chris, who was Gordon Ramsay’s first pick, made too many mistakes with platform grab. The biscuit dough set him up for a mistake. By not getting the dough thin enough, it was too dense.

Add to that scenario, his pizza had too many ingredients. While he was going for Mexican flavors, he needed to edit and elevate the dish. Chris was sent to elimination for Team Ramsay.

From Team Arrington, Christina had the bottom pizza. Her focaccia dough was not cooked correctly and she knew it. More importantly, she struggled to get the food on the platform.

But, Christina had her immunity pin. As she said, there is no reason for her to go home with an immunity pin on her apron.

Since Christina would not face Chris, Nyesha Arrington decided to send Mada into his second consecutive Elimination Challenge. For this cook, the two chefs had to create a parm. The classic Italian dish can be served in a multitude of ways. Still, in order to cook another day, the chefs need to execute well.

Chris made chicken parmesan and his dish was good. Based on the visual, it looked like an elevated, restaurant style dish. While the chicken was beautifully cooked, his pasta was under seasoned. It is unclear whether the pasta water needed more salt or if the pasta should have been dressed before the chicken topped it.

Mada made a veal parmesan. Although everyone was concerned that the veal would be cooked through, it was the right temperature. The downside with his dish was that the sauce and the seasoning was extra spicy. When Nyesha has to grab water after a bite, the flavor might be a little too fiery.

When asked to choose the eliminated dish, Gordon and Nyesha were split. The deciding vote went to Richard Blais, who watched the cook. Richard decided to send Chris home. Whether his dish was the worst or there were other factors at play, the top kitchen curse continues.

In the next episode, the plates are flying and hopefully the curse will be broken. Be sure to watch new episodes of Next Level Chef Season 3 Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX or stream episodes the next day on Hulu.