Nicole Renard Warren learned to adapt during her Next Level Chef experience, interview

Nicole Renard Warren on Next Level Chef Season 3
Nicole Renard Warren on Next Level Chef Season 3 / FOX

While she might have had the most talked about pizza ingredient on Next Level Chef Season 3, Nicole Renard Warren was able to learn, adapt, and apply a wealth of culinary experiences with each challenge. Through her tenure on the show, her culinary growth was tremendous and it will serve her well in the next chapter of her career.

When Next Level Chef viewers were introduced to Nicole, she was referenced as the smoothie bowl queen. Her popular social media channels have captivated fans with her creative recipes and bold flavors. Although she knows her way around a blender, the FOX culinary competition is more than just one food genre.

During a recent conversation with Nicole, she shared some insight on her Next Level Chef experience, her approach to the competition, and the next chapter in her food world journey. While her positive, bubbly personality shined in every episode, there were moments where she seemed a little out of sorts. Even if she might have been able to stretch herself to grab ingredients off the platform, that quick grab moment is more than just ravaging the platform.

When asked about her platform experience, Nicole said the top kitchen often came with a higher expectation because the abundant ingredients gave the chefs more choices. In contrast, when the platform hit the basement, it was sparce. Even though some other chefs preferred that narrowed ingredient list, Nicole was not a basement fan. From the limited platform to the subpart appliances, it was definitely a scramble to create a winning dish in the bottom kitchen.

Nicole admitted that the middle kitchen was her favorite. It had all the items that she wanted and usually had a great choice of ingredients. Even though she excelled in the basement, she felt most comfortable one level up.

Looking back at the competition, Nicole believes that her ability to listen, adapt, and apply was one of the reasons why she made it to the top seven. With limited time to prepare for Next Level Chef, each challenge was another opportunity to learn.

Nicole mentioned that she continually listened to all the judges feedback, not just the notes about her own dishes. Understanding how the judges responded to the other chefs’ dishes helped her in each subsequent challenge. Even if she was not a master griller or she was using unfamiliar ingredients, she listened, learned, and applied the concepts that were addressed in each challenge.

As a member of Team Blais, Nicole appreciated how her mentor would offer advice and guidance. Beyond the blue apron color, she felt that this team was a good fit. It was a blend of great energy, positivity, and desire to keep learning.

That willingness to be curious helps her in every part of her culinary career, not just her time on Next Level Chef. While part of her brand has been to #DoStuff, it is more than just acting or completing a task. She puts intention behind choice in her day or on her plate. With a positive attitude and a willingness to be curious, those qualities will serve her well going forward.

Looking ahead, Nicole hopes to continue to blend great flavor, good times, and a willingness to experience life in her career. Whether it is a food television show or via her own platform, she is always ready to bring her vivacious personality and positive outlook to every endeavor.

In some ways, the newlywed is doing more than just wishing on a star. While she might have had a Disney princess moment captured in her wedding photos, her life is not a fictional fairy tale. She chooses to push herself, try new experiences, and explore what the world has to offer. From the beaches of Hawaii to the history of Switzerland, there are many places to place a pin on that world map. As she learned on Next Level Chef, even the most unexpected ingredients can offer a flavor journey, just as long as you do not predetermine that the taste might be “offal.”

Nicole Renard Warren has a YouTube, TikTok and other social media channels where she shares recipes and other food related items.

Next Level Chef airs new episodes every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Episodes can be streamed the next day on Hulu.