Omaha Steaks says “yes chef” to these The Bear inspired offerings

Omaha Steaks Italian Beef Sandwich
Omaha Steaks Italian Beef Sandwich / Cristine Struble

Whether it is “The Bear” watching party or just a craving for an Italian Beef sandwich, Omaha Steaks is ready to serve the most delicious food for any occasion. It is time to say yes chef to these offerings.

Everyone knows Omaha Steaks for its juicy burgers and luscious steaks. Of course, many people cannot resist adding a package of those caramel apple tartlets to complete the meal. While there are plenty of options, the meal can easily be adapted to fit a theme, like a "The Bear" watching party.

As many people devour the new season, no one needs to pull out the tweezers to plate every dish. It really comes down to great ingredients making a delicious meal. Omaha Steaks is that brand which delivers that chef-driven flavor without having to sit for a 3-hour dinner.

Looking at some of the Omaha Steaks options, it is easy to channel that Chicago food vibe. For example, there is an Italian Beef Sandwich kit that feels like the classic. Served with rolls, giardiniera, and plenty of au jus, it simplifies the classic dish.

For anyone who wants a taste of that traditional offering delivered to their door, this is a great choice. It has plenty of au jus for the person who prefers to have the sandwich well-dipped.

More importantly, the beef is juicy and tender. Since everything is pre-cooked, simply heating the Italian beef in the au jus takes just minutes. No one has to start the day at 8 a.m. to be prepared for dinner service.

In addition to that simple idea, there are plenty of other options to transform some of the Omaha Steaks items into more elevated dishes. For example, there is a recipe for Filet Mignon with “red rice” risotto. As any home cook appreciates, mastering the perfect risotto takes a deft hand.

Other recipe ideas include Sirloin and smoked mozzarella stuffed focaccia with pesto and Italian beef tenderloin pasta. There are plenty of ways to be inspired by “The Bear.”

Omaha Steaks Chocolate Cake
Omaha Steaks Chocolate Cake / Cristine Struble

Lastly, do not forget dessert. The classic Omaha Steaks chocolate cake is perfectly decadent. While it might not be talked about often, the chocolate chips studding the icing add a lovely hint of texture to bite. After all those robust beef focused plates, that chocolate cake is the chef’s kiss.

Check out Omaha Steaks for a wide array of food choices. From an Italian Beef kit to Pepper Jack Risotto Balls, there is something for everyone. And, do not forget the chocolate cake.