Move over shamrock shake because OREO Mint Frozen Treats are here

OREO Mint Frozen Treats
OREO Mint Frozen Treats / OREO

While cookies and cream might be favorite ice cream flavor, there is something even more enticing when mint joins the conversation. Who needs to hit the drive through when the new OREO Mint Frozen Treats are sitting in the home freezer.

Mint and OREO are a delightful flavor pairing. That burst of refreshing, bright flavor feels lighter. It makes eating that second cookie or extra scoop feel totally permissible. Even though no one would ever want to over indulge, sometimes a little extra is totally deserved.

While St. Patrick’s Day often has people seeking out mint flavors and green colored food, mint does not have to just for one season. Although one quick service restaurant makes a big deal about that limited time dessert, the enjoyment should not have to be limited to just a few short weeks.

A couple of years ago OREO launched its Frozen Treats. With much fanfare, the response was quite positive. No longer did people have to blend and mix the perfect ratio of cookies to frozen dessert. From the tub to the stick, the home freezer held a bevy of sweet deliciousness.

Now, the brand is expanded with OREO Mint Frozen Treats. Speaking to the new offering, Caroline Suppiger, Senior Associate Brand Manager OREO US said, "It's been two years since the OREO brand first debuted in the freezer aisle with OREO Frozen Treats, but we aren't slowing down. OREO as a brand is always testing new ways to reinvent our unique and fan-favorite cookie. This philosophy extends to the Frozen Treats line as well, which is why this year we are so excited to expand our OREO Mint portfolio with three new tasty frozen treat varieties."

The new mint flavors come in three options, OREO Mint Bars, OREO Mint Sandwiches, and OREO Mint 14oz tubs. The variety ensures that everyone is included. From the person who prefers to eat their ice cream on a stick to the person who prefers to scoop a little extra in the bowl, the options are many.

With this frozen dessert option, the mint flavor is slightly sweet, which makes it a great choice for the OREO cookie. Contrasting the sweetness of the OREO creme and a punch of chocolate from the cookie, it makes a well balanced bite.

Although the Mint flavor has been available in a larger tub size, these new versions lend themselves to snacking. From the mid-afternoon indulgence to the small treats after dinner, no one should have to pass on dessert when the craving hits.

What is the true pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow? OREO Mint Frozen treats, of course. Everyone is lucky when they find a box waiting to be opened in the freezer.