Original Donut Shop Iced Refreshers shake up a Keurig’s versatility

Original Donut Shop Iced Refreshers, Strawberry Acai
Original Donut Shop Iced Refreshers, Strawberry Acai / Original Donut Shop

At the push of a button, the enticing aroma of a favorite Keurig coffee fills the kitchen, but sometimes a colder beverage choice is preferred. With the new Original Donut Shop Iced Refreshers, a fruity, cold drink served over ice is the anytime pick me up, with no shaking required.

Over the years, Original Donut Shop has expanded its beverage options. While the classic, hot coffee in a multitude of flavors will always be part of the conversation, iced drinks and non-coffee flavors have joined the pod collection. Whether it is the first beverage of the day or the last drink of the night, a refreshing sipper is waiting to be enjoyed.

With the new Original Donut Shop Iced Refreshers, the new K-Cup pods come in two flavors, Strawberry Acai and Pineapple Passionfruit. These two flavor options might sound familiar to fans of a popular coffee chain. Now a version of the beverages can be enjoyed without leaving the house.

According to Becky Opdyke, Senior Vice President, Coffee Marketing at Keurig Dr Pepper, “With the spring and summer seasons ahead, fruit forward iced drinks are selling out in stores everywhere, so we're thrilled to now offer consumers a unique way to create their own refreshers from home that won't break the bank, and deliver that same cafe quality taste. The Original Donut Shop strives to identify new, innovative ways to push the boundaries of the at-home coffee experience to meet the needs of younger consumers, so Iced Refreshers seemed like the perfect next step."

Looking at the two flavors, the Strawberry Acai is sweet and a little juicy. It is very berry forward, but it lends itself to a little experimentation. For example, even though this idea is designed to be served over ice, a splash of sparkling water can be enjoyable.  A few bubbles makes it even more refreshing.

The Pineapple Passionfruit is a flavor combination that is a taste of the tropics. Even if that luxurious beach escape is not in the cards, this flavor tastes like a beverage that could be enjoyed while lounging under the palm trees. To make it even more enjoyable, consider adding some crushed pineapple to the glass to enjoy a more fruity flavor.

The new Original Donut Shop Iced Refreshers are available at various retailers as well as online on the Keurig website.