Oscar Mayer adds more plant-based food to the grill with NotHotDogs and NotSausages

Oscar Mayer NotHotDogs and NotSausages
Oscar Mayer NotHotDogs and NotSausages / Oscar Mayer

While that Wienermobile brings smiles as it drives down the road, a new Oscar Mayer offering will have many people cheering. Part of The Kraft Heinz Not Company, the new Oscar Mayer NotHotDogs and NotSausages are the newest plant-based food options. Grilling season just got more food inclusive.

Plant-based food options continue to grow. Some first adopters have evolved their recipes over time. Other well-known brands took their time to perfect their offerings. No matter the scenario, both options give people choices at the store. With more people deciding to include plant-based food in their lifestyles, choice is key to keeping the healthy eating habits on track.

Oscar Mayer has been a trusted name in the hot dog category. Beyond the imagery or even that catchy jingle, the reality is that people have an expectation with the iconic brand. It is a familiar taste that is often rooted in a memory.

By adding Oscar Mayer NotHotDogs and NotSausages to its line-up, the company is putting its 140 years worth of experience on the line. There is an expectation that people will have with the taste and texture. These plant-based food offerings need to not only live up to the original, but it might have to be even better than it.

As Lucho Lopez-May, CEO, The Kraft Heinz Not Company said, “At The Kraft Heinz Not Company, our goal is to create mouthwatering, plant-based foods that are delicious and accessible for everyone – from the devoted vegan to the plant-based curious. We know people are hungry for plant-based meat options from brands they know and trust. In launching the joint venture’s first product in the plant-based meat category, we saw an opportunity to satisfy these consumer cravings, leveraging NotCo’s revolutionary AI technology and the power, equity, and legacy of the Oscar Mayer brand.” 

With the new food product launch, some people might be more willing to try the Oscar Mayer brand offering because it is a trusted name. Although it is hard to say that discerning tastes would not be able to clearly appreciate a difference, the reality is that this plant-based food needs to have characteristics like the classic brand. From the smoky flavor to the specific color, it will need to have the same quality as the other Oscar Mayer products.

Given that the plant-based hot dog and sausage market is less successful than other categories, Oscar Mayer is poised to dominate the category. Whether or not this option becomes the only hot dog or sausage on the grill remains to be seen. But, summer grilling season just became a lot more inclusive.

The Oscar Mayer NoHotDogs and NotSausages will be available in 2024, but an exact date has yet to be revealed. First tastes will be available at Expo West convention in March 2024.