Oscar Mayer skips the topping and offers Stuffed Hot Dogs instead

New Oscar Mayer Stuffed Dogs
New Oscar Mayer Stuffed Dogs / Oscar Mayer

Summer and hot dogs are always a winning food combination. This year, Oscar Mayer is skipping the condiment table and offering Stuffed Hot Dogs instead. It is time to bring big flavor to the hot dog, not the bun.

Hot dogs can sometimes be a controversial food. While some people think that ketchup is an abomination on that encased meat, others want to drag it through the garden. The list of condiment dos and don’ts is greater than the pages in War and Peace.

At the same time, few people want a simple, plain hot dog on a bun. Whether people find it juvenile or boring, people want flavor with their food. Oscar Mayer is answer that craving and putting it in the hot dog.

The new Oscar Mayer Stuffed Dogs come in three flavors, Cheese, Jalapeño Cheddar and Chili Cheese. While the food brand says that the concept is inspired by restaurant offerings, it is more than bringing the drive-thru to the home kitchen.

According to Molly White, Vice President of Marketing for Oscar Mayer, “Our ambition is to spark smiles and be the indisputable leader in taste, which is why we reimagined the iconic Oscar Mayer wiener to meet the evolving preferences of our consumers. Whether seeking a spicy twist or pop of creamy cheese, we strive to feed fans’ appetite for category offerings that are currently only available from quick service restaurants.”

Highlighting the Cheese Dog is a smart move for Oscar Mayer. While that category continues to see growth, there is a slight nod to nostalgia. Many of today’s parents might remember enjoying a version of a cheesy hot dog in their youth. These new versions offer bolder flavors to that classic option.

In addition, the Stuffed Dogs can be more than just a meat sandwiched in a bun. For the person who loves cut-up hot dogs in their mac and cheese, the Jalapeño Cheddar would be a great choice. Given that people are drawn to spicier food options, it seems that this flavor is destined to be a hit.

The new Oscar Mayer Stuffed Hot Dogs will be available nationwide. The suggested retail price for an 8-pack is $4.99, but it might vary depending on the store.