It is time to discover the hottest Oscars gift bag beverage

poppi beverage
poppi beverage / poppi

Over the years, the Oscars gift bag has become a fun topic of discussion for pop culture fans. From relaxing retreats across the globe to innovative projects, the nominees and special guests have a bounty of treasures to enjoy. In this year's offering, one item is a beverage that everyone needs to discover, poppi.

Sometimes people want a taste of that celebrity life. It might be the celebrity endorsed canned cocktail or maybe enjoying that quick service restaurant meal. These items do not require a multi-million dollar payday. Instead, they are items that can be found at a regular store or in people's neighborhoods.

In this year’s Oscars gift bag, poppi will be featured. For people unfamiliar with this beverage, it has become the soda alternative. While the name might be a play on the old-fashioned term soda pop, the modern beverage satisfies that craving for a “soda” without being a sugar bomb sip.

Having received a boost from Shark Tank, the beverage is made from fruit juice, apple cider vinegar, and inulin prebiotics. While the beverage is more flavorful than a sparkling water, it is different from a sugary soda. It finds that balance that people want.

Whether it is the flavor, the lower calorie count, or the prebiotics, there are many reasons why people pop open a can. It goes to show that enjoying food should never have a negative connotation, description, or other adjective. Food is meant to be enjoyed and brands wants to give consumers options for that sipping satisfaction.

Available in a variety of flavors, there is an option for anyone’s preference. The Classic pack includes a cola, doc pop, and root beer. As seen with this group, it captures those iconic soda flavors. Whether enjoyed on their own or paired with a burger, pizza, or other favorite food, the flavors satisfy.

Another variety pack is more fruit forward and includes cherry limeade, strawberry lemon, orange and strawberry rose. These flavors are light and refreshing. They are perfect for summer entertaining or a moment of “me time.”

While only a few people get to walk the red carpet during the biggest night for movies, everyone can enjoy a taste of the Oscars gift bag beverage. Ready to discover that refreshing taste of poppi?