Panera Bread bakes a new take on a fashionable Derby look

Panera Bread offers Bread Head Hat for Derby Day
Panera Bread offers Bread Head Hat for Derby Day / Panera Bread

While the fastest two minutes in sports might pass in a flash, the fashion makes a bigger impression on Derby Day. Panera Bread has baked a new take, and it might be this season’s most talked about food fashion.

Panera Bread has always found a way to blend food and fashion. From baguette purses to comfy lounge wear, the popular fast casual restaurant understands that people want to show their love of those soups, sandwiches, and other menu items beyond the table. Those memorable looks tell everyone that there is more to Panera than just a place where they work and drink coffee.

This year, Panera Bread is taking on Derby fashion. As many people appreciate, the annual Kentucky Derby is as much about Mint Juleps and fast thoroughbreds as it is about dapper fashion and impressive hats. From fascinators to even hats with hidden compartments, no one wants to walk into the event with their head uncovered.

To offer their own take on fashionable hats, Panera Bread has created the limited edition “Bread Head” hat. Taking inspiration from the Panera bread bowl, the unique fascinator will surely get attention around the track.

While the homage to the bread bowl is clear, the combination of feathers and décor makes it a standout. Whether or not people coordinate the colors in the hat to their outfit remains to be seen.

Even though this hat does not come with the aroma of freshly baked bread, it could be a good luck charm for the big day. Maybe this particular fashion statement could predict the colors in the winning jockey’s jersey?

For anyone who would love this coveted Panera Bread Head Hat can visit The cost is $21, which is a reference to the new and enhanced food choices on the updated Panera menu. A hat purchase also includes $100 gift card to enjoy any and all of the new menu items.

This year, be the most talked about look for Derby Day. It might not be a bouquet of roses but it is food fashion that makes a statement.