Papa Johns brings back a fan favorite, no grill required

Papa Johns Cheesy Burger Trio
Papa Johns Cheesy Burger Trio / Papa Johns

While some people always order pepperoni or a plain cheese, Papa Johns fans have been longing for this specialty pizza to return to the menu. The Cheesy Burger Pizza is back for summer. Hungry for a slice?

Food mash-ups have taken over the trend conversation. The specialty offerings are not necessarily fusion food, but they take two classic dishes and serve them in a new way.

For example, burgers and pizzas are two classic foods that sometimes have crossovers. Whether it is mozzarella and tomato sauce on a burger or burger toppings on a pizza, people crave those combinations.

Before there were melts and other menu items, Papa Johns served the Cheesy Burger Pizza. After far too long, the fan favorite pizza is back.

As Kimberly Bean, Vice President of Integrated Marketing and Menu Strategy said, “The Cheesy Burger Pizza has been a favorite for over a decade and fans have passionately let us know they want it back through endless comments, tweets and phone calls begging for its return. While other chains are going up against the burger, we’re putting pizza first and staying true to our commitment by giving fans exactly what they want - pizza.

For those unfamiliar with the specialty pizza, the classic fresh, never frozen dough is topped with beef, tomato, dill pickle, cheese, and a signature burger sauce. Whether the slice is drizzled with that Special Garlic Sauce or gets a sprinkle of red peppers, the taste is reminiscent of that favorite burger. Since the dough can be heartier than the bun, no one has to worry about a soggy bottom.

In addition to the pizza, Papa Johns is offering a Cheesy Burger Papadia and all-new Cheesy Burger Papa Bites. The Cheesy Burger Papa Bites might be the must order for summer parties. With all the kids on summer break, this menu item might be the perfect little bite that feeds a crowd.

All the Cheesy Burger items will be available on June 13. Papa Rewards members can purchase the menu items now. Check with local restaurants for availability and pricing.