Paradisus by Meliá The Epicure culinary series celebrates chefs’ artistry

Chef Antonia Lofaso and Chef Alan Vargas at Paradius by Melia
Chef Antonia Lofaso and Chef Alan Vargas at Paradius by Melia / Paradisus by Melia

While the beautiful blue water invites relaxation and the stunning room amenities offer an escape from the daily grind, Paradisus by Meliá understands that its food must nourish the body, mind, and soul. Opening another chapter in its partnership with Chef Antonia Lofaso, the most recent culinary event showcases why culinary creativity is vital to the guests’ experience.

From the Mexican Riveria to the shores of the Dominican Republic, Paradisus by Meliá understands that travelers have a plethora of enticing options for the next vacation. While some people want the ultimate adventure, others prefer to explore the resort’s bounty of offerings. For the later guest, food and the experience it offers are a priority.

Even though the concept of all-inclusive amenities has become standard in many vacations, the reality is every resort is different. For the sophisticated guest, the idea of a sparse buffet or traditional fare may not pique some people’s interest. They want something innovative, exclusive, or otherwise exciting.

The Epicure culinary series from Paradisus by Meliá is one of those programs that appeals to the adventurous food lover and opens the door to the timid taster. More importantly, it creates connections across the brand’s celebrated chefs that curate the flavorful menus that guests enjoy.

Last year, Paradisus by Meliá launched its partnership with Chef Antonio Lofaso. Featured in its Rivera Maya resort’s Cappella, the specially curated menu features many of Lofaso’s signature dishes. For many guests who have watched Lofaso on Food Network and have dreamed of enjoying her food, it was an opportunity that they could not resist.

Continuing that partnership, Lofaso joined Chef Alan Vargas for a weekend of culinary delights at the Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The duo delighted guests with a special eight-course dinner featuring Lofaso’s Italian fare and Vargas’ Latin infused flavors.

Although this special weekend event was just a moment in time, it showcases why resorts need to focus on their culinary offerings. Since food and beverages are a draw for travelers, offering unique, once in a lifetime experiences can make one locale more enticing over another. People want to snap, share, and reminisce over that stunning plate of food. Even if they may not be able to recreate that recipe at home, they long to capture the total indulgence and relish the food memory it created.

In addition, bringing celebrity chefs to resort experiences is surging in popularity. While the Las Vegas Strip might have a bounty of well-known names attached to that vacation dining experience, Caribbean resorts appreciate that culinary travel sways a decision. Being able to say that Chef Lofaso’s menu was the special celebratory dinner for that birthday or anniversary is just as important as the ability swim in a cenote or dive in pristine waters.

This most recent chapter of the Paradisus by Meliá The Epicure culinary series might have ended, but the story is still unfolding. With numerous resorts across Mexico and the Caribbean, it will be interesting to see where the culinary team heads next.

The Paradisus by Meliá specially curated Antonia Lofaso menu is available in Mexico and the Dominican Republic now through October 2024. More information on the brand’s resorts, dining options, and other packages can be found online.