Penguin Trek traverses the chilly world while offering immersive experiences

Penguin Trek at SeaWorld Orlando
Penguin Trek at SeaWorld Orlando / SeaWorld Orlando

It might be the height of the Florida summer heat, but SeaWorld Orlando will bring a blast of Antarctic chill when Penguin Trek plunges riders into its icy realm. Starting July 7, everyone can jump aboard on a ride that they will not forget.

SeaWorld Orlando has positioned itself to be the coaster theme park. While the experience will always be rooted in its connection to the water world, the thrills draw many people to ride and ride again.

More importantly, these roller coasters are more than just towering piles of steel that rise into the clouds and skim the concrete below. Each one has a theme that immerses the rider from the moment they step into the queue until the time that they leave the car.

While the extreme moments attract many guests, SeaWorld has made a clear effort to offer family friendly attractions. Beyond the Sesame Street area that appeals to the youngest guests, the family inclusive rides allow that multi-generational group to have a collective experience.

The newest ride to join the SeaWorld Orlando theme park is Penguin Trek. From multiple launches to speeds up to 43 mph, riders will be screaming and laughing as they traverse this chilly world. The twists, turns, and surprises along the way will make this experience a favorite.

While roller coaster enthusiasts can parse the specifics, the immersive experience is equally important. According to a SeaWorld Orlando spokesperson, the concept is two-fold. “The ride Penguin Trek itself has a finale in which riders will find themselves not in a simulated penguin colony, but in the very heart of SeaWorld Orlando’s own penguin habitat which of course is created to resemble what their habitat would be out in the wild, the artic.”

Additionally, the team shared that “the ride is situated within the all-new Antarctica realm which is an area that is mirrored after the chilly climate of Antarctica featuring structures that look like large icecaps as well as themed food stops such as South Pole Sips and Expedition Café.”

The food and beverage options will have guests spending more time in the chilly world. The Expedition Café and South Pole Sips have options that will be both familiar and innovative. When SeaWorld mentioned that food options would include Italian and Asian items, some people might think that the cuisine choices might be curious. The reasoning is quite clear.

According to a SeaWorld spokesperson, "The menu itself at these food vendors is at it's core created with the guests in mind but there is also some larger connection through the fact that Italy in particular started it's National Antarctic Program back in 1985 with the formation of the Programma Nazionale di Ricerche in Antarctica (PNRA) and the National Scientific Committee for Antarctica (CSNA).  Italy maintains these stations in Antarctica to this day. Asia and America also have stations in Antarctica along with several other countries who work together for the good of science and mankind as a whole. The varying selections of the menus within this realm reflect this melting pot of cultures.”

Whether guests ride and eat or eat and ride, the new Penguin Trek and its surrounding area will be the perfect place to cool off on a sunny Florida day.

More information on Penguin Trek as well as other SeaWorld Orlando offerings can be found on its website.