Pepperidge Farm Milano London Fog is the perfect cookie for afternoon breaks

Pepperidge Farm Milano London Fog limited edition cookie
Pepperidge Farm Milano London Fog limited edition cookie / Pepperidge Farm

Sometimes the simple enjoyment of eating a great cookie can be a mood booster. The new Pepperidge Farm Milano London Fog flavor is a subtle, flavorful indulgence that deserves a moment to savor.  

Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies are more than just another treat on the shelf. That combination of a rich, creamy center with the delicate cookie biscuit is irresistible. Whether enjoyed with milk, a hot beverage, or even a cocktail, that eating enjoyment just hits differently.  

Over the years, the Milano cookie brand has explored many flavors. For many people, the mint flavor will always be a favorite. But, other options, like the coffee inspired flavors, have received a lot of attention.  

The newest flavor, the Milano London Fog is inspired by the classic tea. The subtle earl grey tea is combined with milk chocolate and a touch of vanilla. The creamy center is surrounded by crisp baked biscuits. It hits the indulgence quality that makes the tea latte beverage so enjoyable.  

Thinking about this new flavor, the iconic cookie company captures that delicate tea flavor. While the underlying vanilla and chocolate are clear, the tea note lends itself to making this offering the perfect pairing for an afternoon tea 

Although it might not necessarily be biscuits with the boss, the crisp biscuit and sweet center contrast the soothing satisfaction of a cup of tea. Whether served with a London Fog, a spicy chai or a floral hibiscus, the cookie goes with everything.  

Thinking about this new limited time cookie flavor, it might give a glimpse into future offerings from the food brand. While it has had coffee forward flavors, could tea inspired upcoming offerings? A green tea or even a match cookie might be quite tasty.  

The new Pepperidge Farm Milano London Fog cookie will be available starting in March. Check with retailers for pricing and availability.